Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ya kun isn't the only place for Kaya Bread in Singapore

When it comes to Kaya bread, most of the Singaporeans will think of Ya Kun almost immediately. And I do agree that it's one of the most common chain of coffee shop in Singapore. However, there's another place that prepares the Kaya Bread in a way that is similar to Ya Kun.

Let me introduce you to...

Five Foot Way Kaya Bread stall located at Tanglin Halt Market.
This is the same market where you can find Wei Yi Laksa.

Let us move away from Kaya Bread for a short while and turn our head a bit.
Here you go the long queue outside 'Wei Yi' Laksa as usual. (I'm drooling again~~~)

These are the ingredients inside the Kaya Bread and its almost similar to what you are getting from Ya Kun and yet you don't need to waste a lot of time waiting and queueing up.
Okay back to my Kaya Bread. Ittadakimasu~~~

More Information about 'Five Foot Way':
  • It only operates during Breakfast and Lunch hours
  • There will only be selling a limited slices of Kaya Bread everyday, so if you would want to grab a slice of it, I would recommend you to turn up early.

More Information about Tanglin Halt Market:
  • Most of the stores operation for Breakfast and Lunch hours only.
  • Other delicacy includes Laksa, Soya Bean and Soya Bean drink, etc

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