Friday, 22 July 2011


Yes, you are not mistaken, there isn't a typo mistake in the title. The title is really 'RIA' or 'AIR'. Why 'RIA'? This is the actually the name of the restaurant, which is 'Ayam Penyet RIA'. As for 'AIR', it's a short form for ' Authentic Indonesian Restaurant'. This is an Indonesian Restaurant with the name of 'Ayam Penyet RIA' located in Lucky Plaza, along Orchard Road.

Here are the photos taken that day.
This is how the restaurant looks like from the outside.

Boneless Chicken Ayam Penyet

Chicken Ayam Penyet

Es Kacang Hijau - Ice Kacang with Green Beans
Too bad this isn't made with Red Beans else I will become a super regular customer.:D

Es Cendol - Ice Chendol
The amount of grass jelly given in each cup of Es Cendol seems to be a lot.

Although the Chilli were not as spicy as the Ayam Penyet store located in SGH, the overall experience dining at the store was pretty good. Especially when they had a large variety of Penyets to choose from. :D

Click here for the website of 'Ayam Penyet RIA'.

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