Monday, 4 July 2011


Nope, I didn't spell it wrongly and you are not in the wrong blog. This post is not going to write about the group 'Spice girls' but it's indirectly related to the topic of spices. The name of the shop is commonly known as 'Spize'. They have been serving a large variety of food ranging from Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Western & Mediterranean food. I used to hang out at the place quite frequently as the location was pretty near my workplace.

Without further ado, let me show you some of the pictures of what are the food that you can order at 'Spize'.

The Murtabak that they are offering were pretty generous in terms of the
size and the ingredients that they had stuffed in the Murtabak.
Note: Please either share the Murtabak with your friends or just eat the Murtabak as a whole meal as the size is really very big, else you have to bear the consequences....... Beware!!!

Generous portion of food and the price is very reasonable.

Though, I didn't tried this dish, but the looks of the dish is appealing to me. :D

The ingredients that were added to the rice were satisfactory, a bit spicy and a bit salty.
(Nasi Goreng is similar to the fried rice that we eat at a Chinese restaurant, but the ingredients used were different.)

The colors of the pineapple rice were equally spread and it looks delicious.
And trust me, the prawns were very big as for the taste I'm not very sure.
As my stomach was pretty full after eating a Chichen Murtabak by myself.

This drink is a combination of the following, Chinese tea, lime and lemon slices.
Trust me, it's a drink that you must try when you are going there for the first time.

Some after looking at all these photos, let's make a visit there now..... at 1am...:D

  • 'Spize' at River Valley are only open for dinner and supper
  • 'Spice' also provide delivery services, which is a +++

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