Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cheap and delicious Vegetarian food @ Holland Drive Market and Food Centre

I had just posted an article on vegetarian food in this blog. This would be the other place that I would highly recommend you to try and experience cheap and delicious vegetarian food. In the past, when I happened to be around that area, I would make the extra effort going to Holland Drive Market and Food Centre to eat the vegetarian food available there. Even up till today, I still find the experience good.

This is getting more and more like a custom of my blog, the displaying of photos.

The building still looks the same after 10 years or so.

This is the stall that I am talking about. It had been serving
cheap and delicious vegetarian food for a very long period of time.

The portion of food that was given was pretty generous.
There's like a mountain of ingredients that I can't spot the Bee Hoon at all.

Here's another photo of the food before I dig in. Ittadakimasu~~~

Trust me, if you have the time and happen to be in the Buona Vista MRT Area during breakfast and lunch hours, do make the effort to try the vegetarian food there and you will not regret it. :D

* Click here to find out where is Holland Drive Market and Food Centre located.

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