Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dim Sum is meant for Supper

Probably, during different parts of the day, one would try eating different kinds of food. As for me, eating Dim Sum in the middle of the night was quite an interesting experience. Usually, Dim Sum were the kind of food that you would eat for Breakfast but eating it for supper was a completely different experience for me. If you had been following the blogs that I had writting, you will know how frequent I had been visiting Mustafa Centre. Usually, I will have my dinner in one of the Indian restaurants in Little India, follow up with a visit to Mustafa Centre and before going home, I will stop at the following restaurant for a quick bite of Dim Sum.

The following were one of the photos that I had taken at Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant.

Click here for the website of Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant.

  • Swee Choon Restaurant is open from 6pm onwards to the following morning 10am
  • Swee Choon Restaurant is closed on every Tuesday

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