Thursday, 21 April 2016

A bit too pale...

Usually there would be a good mix or colors, but isn't this a bit too pale...???

'Sliced Fish Hor Fun(A type of Rice Noodles)'
From the appearance, isn't this a bit too light in color? A usual plate of 'Hor Fun'
would have much more brownish in color, especially the gravy, which is even much
much more brownish in color. After adding a bit of sliced green chillies and chilli
padi, it's time to dig in.

Unexpectedly, the sliced fish isn't soggy at all and it still have this firm tasty
texture. And the gravy has blend in nicely with all the ingredients, which has added
this sweet taste to the whole dish. As for the 'Rice Noodle' itself, on top of the
sweet taste, it also comes with a nice fragrance of stirred fried food coming from
the wok. And it makes me wonder how many eggs were used in one single plate of 'Hor
Fun' over here since they's a good mix of beaten egg in each and every spoonful of
the gravy.

So where can you give the food a good try?
The name of this stall would be 'Kee Hock'(旗福).
It's hidden inside 'Clementi Market and Food Centre'.

  • Opening Hours:
    Lunch: 11:00 - 14:30
    Dinner: 16:00 - 20:30
* Click here for the location of 'Clementi Market and Food Centre' on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that you can find & get in
  'Clementi Market and Food Centre'.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Not just Honey...

I still can remember the length of the queue when they have opened the first outlet in Singapore. The queue outside the first outlet just doesn't seems to go away...

'Pandan Gula Melaka'
This reminds me of the Mr. Softee that one can get from a 7-Eleven in the
early days. However, this has a far more creamier and smooth taste.

For a start, the soft serve is in pale green, which reminds me more of the
lime-green color more than the shades of 'Pandan', though the taste do comes
with the taste of 'Pandan'. Besides for the tube of 'Melaka' syrup that is
sticking out of the soft serve, there's interesting ingredients like 'Crunchy
Puffed Rice', 'Attap Chee Seeds'(Palm Tree Seeds) and 'Coconut Shavings' that
goes around it. As I mixed all the ingredients together, there's a nice mix
of milky and crunchy sensation. On top of that, despite of the amount of
'Melaka' syrup that goes around it, the amount of sweetness that I'm getting
is still pretty acceptable. :P

'Cereal Milk'
The name of this has pretty much given one a rough idea of the ingredients
that might be used in this soft server. And that would be 'Cereal'. Almost
every single bite comes with the nice crunchy bits of cornflakes, which
kinda reminds me of the nice 'Parfait' that I have tasted in Japan. :D

So where can you give these 'Soft Serve' a good try?

The name of this place would be 'Honey Creme'.
They currently have a few outlets in Singapore and this is their first
outlet in Singapore, which is located on level 1 of '313 Somerset'.

  • Operating Hours:
    Daily: 11:00 - 22:00
* Click here to find out more about 'Honey Creme'(Singapore).
^ Click here for the 'Facebook' page of 'Honey Creme'(Singapore).
^ Click here to find out more about 'Honey Creme'.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Getting a Mexican Fix...

I love 'Tortilla Chips' and I personally find them to be one of the best potato chips options in Singapore. And it has a very insignificant link to my post today.

'Tortilla Chips'
This is crunchy and frankly speaking, I'm not putting the dips into good use. Though
I have tried a few slices with the 'Salsa Sauce', but I don't find the taste much
better than the original taste of the 'Tortilla Chips'.

You can customize your own type of 'Burritos' over here. Therefore I here's my unique
creation with the 'Enchilado Style Add On'. When I scoop and dip the chips inside the
interesting sauce and sour cream, there's actually a good mix of sour, fizzy taste
inside my mouth. Too bad there isn't a lot of chips to go around. :|

Here's my own creation and gosh, this is a murderous 'Burritos'. Not only it's
filling but at the same time, there's a good mix of rice, meat and vegetables
ingredients. Being greedy, I have ordered a few additional types of meat to be added
to the 'Burritos'. There's 'Prawns', 'Chicken' and 'Pork'. Though with all the
ingredients mixing together thoroughly, it's pretty difficult to differentiate the
taste of the individual ingredients, but one thing that I had to admit would be the
filling sensation that I'm getting from this. Though this is buffet style but just
a 'Burritos' like this is a bit too filling as a starter...

'Baja Bowl'
After the 'Burritos' that comes with a lot of rice, the next item that I tried was
this. This is pretty much similar to the 'Burritos' that I have eaten earlier, but
the cooked ingredients over here have a slightly different texture. The vegetables
over here are more crunchy and the meat are more chewy as compared to the 'Burritos'.

So where can you give all the 'Mexican' food a good try?
The name of this restaurant would be 'Baja Fresh'.
The above shows the outlet located at 'The Sail'.

  • Operating Hours:
    Weekdays: 07:30 - 22:00
    Weekends: 10:30 - 21:00
* Click here to find out more about the 'Baja Fresh'.
^ Click here for the 'Facebook' page of 'Baja Fresh'.
~ Click here for the location of 'The Sail' on 'Google Maps'.