Sunday, 31 March 2013

My first encounter with 'Osechi Ryouri'

I have spent my New Year for the year 2013 in Japan. Once I get out of bed that morning, I quickly get myself ready for the luxurious breakfast.

During the very last day of 2012,
I have participated in this 'event'.
This annual event was held by the 'Isetan'
departmental store located inside 'JR Kyoto station'.
They will be selling the 'Osechi Ryouri', which is
also known as traditional Japanese New Year food,
over here. In fact, there's already a long queue of
people queueing up for it at 8am in the morning.
I managed to secured a place in the queue 安dget
myself a set of 'Osechi Ryouri' too. O.OV

Here's my reward for queueing up for more than an hour+.

Here's the 'Osechi Ryouri' by 'Izusen' restaurant.

And here's the menu.
According to the menu, there's a mixture of
seafood, meat and vegetables dishes. And I'm
looking forward to taste everything.

Not only luxurious, it looks glamorous and there's
a great variety of tastes. In fact, though most
Japanese will have it for breakfast, but it took
me 2 whole hours to finish up all the food.
I even have to skip my lunch to finish this.
My conclusion for this meal, 'Satisfying'.
(My only regret for this meal, would be the beef
stuff. Since I couldn't eat them, therefore I have
to throw them into the rubbish bin. :( )

* Click here to find out more about the restaurant 'Izusen'. (Japanese website)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Evolution of fishballs...

Fishballs are simply meat balls that will be using fish meat as one of the main ingredients and is that the furtherest it can go? The answer will be 'No'. In fact, there are many other ways to make it much more interesting. For example...

'Abalone Fu Zhou Fishball Noodles'(鮑魚福州魚圓面)
After giving the whole ball of noodles a try, I have finally derived a
conclusion. I personally felt that the ingredients are far more delicious
than the noodles. Just for the fishballs alone are pretty amazing. While
taking a bite out of one of the fishballs, the soup inside the fishball
started bursting their way out of the fishball. As you chew on and on,
you will realise that the 'Fuzhou' fishball over here works pretty much
the same way as the Chinese Dim Sum 'Xiao Long Bao'. Not only the soup
inside the fishballs are yummy, the meat inside the fishball are pretty
juicy too and as you chew more and more, the taste of the fishball tends
to get better and better. :D Though the other ingredients(the abalone,
prawns, fish cake, etc...) taste pretty good too, but I still find the
taste of the 'Fu Zhou' fishballs over here to be the best. The most
disappointing part about this dish would be the noodles and soup. Either
the taste of the ingredients were far more exciting than the noodles
or my expectations for the noodles were just too high, either way
I think that most likely I would only be giving the 'Fuzhou' fishball
a try in the future.

So where can you try the delicious 'Fuzhou' fishballs?
The name of this place would be 'Meng Kitchen'(日夜小廚).
It's located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Operating Hours:
    24 hours Daily
* Click here for the location of 'Meng Kitchen'(日夜小廚) on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that's located near 'Upper Thomson Road'.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Suckling a Spanish Pig...

Being a Chinese, I grown up eating Chinese-style 'Suckling Pig' during all sorts of Chinese banquets. Especially after giving the first piece of 'Suckling Pig' a try, you will be hooked on the taste of the 'Suckling Pig', not forgetting the skin, which is pretty crispy. However, the Chinese 'Suckling Pig' has a major weaknesses too. If the pig isn't prepared properly, you will end up getting either a salty pig or a pig with tough meat. Anyway what does the 'Suckling pig ' has to do with the post today?

Everything started off with a simple advertisement of a restaurant on a
magazine a few months back. The advertisement looks delicious?
and unforgettable. However, it's due to the photos of one of their
signature dish that seems to be stalking me around recently that push
me forward.
'Spanish Style Roasted Suckling Pig'
By looking at the photo, it's pretty hard for you to determine the
exact size of the pig. But it's roughly 70 centimetres in length and
the breadth is approximately 30 centimetre. One of the waitresses told
me that usually one of these pigs would weigh between 3~5 kilograms.

Taste wise, in order to prove how tender the meat was, rather than
using a knife to slice the pig into pieces, the waiter was using a
plate to slice up the pig into pieces. And he will give you the plate
to smash it into pieces inside a wooden box. Besides for the tender
meat and the crispy skin that you are getting, this dish isn't too
salty and to some extent, I think that I could easily finish 1/2 of the
pig without any difficulty. By the way, a special 'Tomato sauce' and
a pot of stew was also provided for this dish. Seriously, I couldn't
believe that the 'Tomato sauce' was actually 'Tomato Sauce'. The taste
was so good that it actually blend with the taste of the 'suckling pig'
nicely. On top of that, the potatoes that comes as a side dish of the
'suckling pig' was pretty good too. It was a good mixture between
sticky and soft. Trust me, once you have added a bit of the special
sauce to the potatoes and giving it a try, all the whipped potatoes
out there in Singapore would look pretty bad.

Too bad, all the loan shark nowadays have already modernised.
Otherwise they probably would want to pick this up. :P

'Pan con Tomate''Coca de recapte
con chorizo y Quesos'
I was busy digging into the 'suckling pig' that I didn't have the
chance to give these dishes a try. But one thing that I can guaranteed
you would be the fact that the 'Pan con Tomate' smells heavenly. I
could even smell the heavenly smell from the other side of the table.

'Paella Valenciana (Valencia Paella)'
How should I phrase this. This dish is like a mixture of the 'Chinese'
fried rice and Claypot Rice. Each spoonful of rice comes with a pretty
strong taste of seafood. If you are too comfortable with the normal
'Chinese' fried rice, you probably wouldn't really like this. However,
I think that it's a pretty good experience and you can really call this
'Seafood Rice'. :P

By the way, though we were a group of four, but we managed to clear all
the dishes that we have ordered that evening. (And that includes the
whole roasted suckling pig. Whahahahahaha~~~~~~)

So where could you give all the delicious dishes a try?
The name of this restaurant would be 'Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant'.
It's located at one of the corners of 'VivoCity' level 1.

By the way, they have an in-house live band too. This could be one
of the better ways to kill time while waiting for all the good food.

  • Opening Hours:
    Sundays - Thursdays: 11am - 11pm
    Fridays - Saturdays: 11am - 12am
  • Seems that most of the signature main dishes will require a pretty long waiting time. Therefore, it will be much more wiser for you to either place a few orders for light snacks or bring your own gadgets/materials to kill time while waiting.
* Click here to find out more about 'Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of 'Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant'.
~ Click here to find out more about 'VivoCity'.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Though I had my dinner...

But there's always space for small bites or great snacks. Although ice cream would be a much wiser choice on a sunny day, but it can be pretty costly too. And it is times like this that I would start keeping a lookout for small bites near the exact spot where I had my dinner. @@...

I was observing the way that the stall owners are preparing the food. I'm glad that
they are using 2 circular pieces of 'Popiah' skins to wrap all the ingredients
together. In the bottom of my heart, I already started giving this stall extra points
for using this method in preparing a roll of 'Popiah'. On top of that, they are pretty
fast too. I got my 'Popiah' within a few minutes. Hmm, I wonder if it tastes good...

Though the price of each roll of 'Popiah' is slightly a bit more
costly as the usual ones, but I think that it's pretty worth it. First of all,
generous portion of ingredients were added into the 'Popiah'. Secondly, the
'Popiah' skin doesn't tear apart easily, but that comes with a new problem
too. Since they have wrapped too much ingredients together, therefore the
ingredients are forcing their way out of the 'Popiah', when you try to use
a pair of chopsticks to pick up a piece of 'Popiah'. (Rather than getting
annoyed, I love the fact that they are giving generous portion of ingredients.)
Last but not least, the eating sensation. Most of the time, all the ingredients
that are added into a roll of 'Popiah' were pretty soft. However, the peanuts
that were added into the 'Popiah' isn't fine grind peanuts. In fact, the peanuts
that they were using were giving me a crunchy sensation while savouring each
and every piece of 'Popiah', which turns out to be a pretty good dining experience.

The name of this stall would be 'Te Wei Popiah Rojak Otah'(特味 薄餅 囉喏 烏打).
It's located inside 'LongHouse', which is located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Opening Hours:
    11am - 9pm
    (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • In fact, I wanted to give the 'Rojak' a try. However, after overhearing the conversation between stall owner and a customer, I think that by coming back on another day would be a much wiser choice. (The waiting time for a plate of 'Rojak' is 45 minutes... ==""". I hope that such situation would only occur during peak hours and I wonder how would the 'Rojak' taste like if I'm going to add 'Cuttlefish' or 'Century Egg' and 'You Tiao'.)
* Click here for the location of 'LongHouse' on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that's located near 'LongHouse'.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Is this the fastest Hokkien Mee Uncle around?

I think recently I have been spending too much time travelling to different places trying out all sorts of food. Therefore the amount of photos of good food are accumulating rapidly and by looking at the speed that I'm blogging about food. How I wish that I could blog...

'Hokkien Mee'
as fast as the 'Hokkien Mee' Uncle of this stall. The uncle was boasting
that he can cook 40 plates of 'Hokkien Mee' within 30 minutes. For one
moment he was picking and preparing the ingredients that are needed in
preparing and cooking a plate of 'Hokkien Mee' and in less than 2 minutes,
'Voila', a plate of cooked 'Hokkien Mee' had appeared in front of me.
Seriously, I wouldn't doubt his record of cooking and preparing 40 plates
of 'Hokkien Mee' within 30 minutes when he's much more younger.
By the way, fast doesn't mean that the food isn't fully cooked. I can
ensure you that the food is cooked and served properly.

As for the 'Hokkien Mee' itself, it's relatively cheap. It's probably one
of the cheapest plate of 'Hokkien Mee' that I have ever seen. For a price
of S$3, you are getting lots of ingredients. Though the overall taste of
the 'Hokkien Mee' is pretty normal, but looking at the amount of waiting
time needed and price that you are paying, this is definitely worth trying.
By the way, though the sambal chilli isn't spicy enough, but somehow, I
think that both the taste of the sambal chilli and the 'Hokkien Mee' blend
together nicely, which is another (+).

The name of this stall would be 'Cheng Ji Chao Xia Mian Hao Jian'(成記炒蝦麵蠔煎).
It's located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre', which is located near
'Harbourfront' MRT Station and opposite 'Vivo City'.

  • Opening Hours:
    9am - 9pm (Daily)
* Click here for the map of 'Seah Im Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that is located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre'.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Curry + Chicken + Noodles

Is it possible? That would be the question that non locals will ask. In Singapore, if there's a demand, there ought to be all sorts of food combinations. For example: Satay Bee Hoon, 'Mui Fun'(Basically it's a type of Hor Fun with rice), Abalone Fish Ball Noodles, and not forgetting...

'Curry Chicken Noodles'
This would be the end product for the consumers that demand for a
dish the combines Noodles, Curry and Chicken. For a start, the
main ingredients used in preparing dish are pieces of white chicken
meat, bean sprouts, fish cake, 'Tau Pok'(a type of fried beancurd)
and noodles. The chicken meat that the stall owner has prepared
was pretty good. In fact the standards of the chicken meat can be
on par with the white chicken that you are getting in the local
delicacy, 'Chicken Rice'. Though the curry is slightly a bit too
watery, but it's pretty acceptable. Especially when the taste of
the curry isn't too overpowering and while savouring the dish, you
still can enjoy the taste of each individual ingredient. Though
the overall taste of this dish isn't too fantastic, but it's still
pretty acceptable. Since I personally do not find the dish spicy
enough, I hope that the stall owner could provide a few spoonful of
spicy sambal chilli too spice up the taste of this dish a bit. :P
(Sounds kinda contradicting but I prefer spicy stuff. :P)

The name of this stall would be 'Fei Hai Minced Meat Noodles'(肥海肉脞面).
It's located inside 'LongHouse', which is located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Opening Hours:
    6am - 7pm (Daily)
* Click here for the location of 'LongHouse' on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that's located near 'LongHouse'.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Extremely Salty Caramel ice cream

Similar to any other day, after having a heavy meal, it's time for some refreshing desserts. After spending some time chatting with my friend, I finally found a new spot for refreshing ice cream.

'Ice Cream'
(Choice of flavours: 'Salted Caramel', 'Avocado' and 'Lychee')
For a start, the taste of the 'Avocado' flavour really reminds me of the
actual fruit itself. The taste was so overpowering that it makes the 'Lychee'
flavour looks kinda dull. However, if you have tried both flavours separately,
both flavours not only taste like the real thing itself, the texture of the
ice cream are pretty good for a hot and humid day too. :D

As for the last flavour, 'Salted Caramel' really live up to it's reputation.
This is probably the most saltiest 'Salted Caramel' ice cream flavour that I
have tasted over the last 20+ years. Besides for the salty taste that you are
getting, you are also getting the sweet taste of the caramel. However, I
personally find the salty taste to be much more stronger than the sweet taste.

Probably this place is a newly start-up, therefore the prices are slightly
cheaper than most of the brands out there.

The name of this place would be 'Salted Caramel'.
It's located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Operating Hours:
    12noon - 11pm
    (Sundays - Thursdays)
    12noon - 2am
    (Eve of Public Holidays, Fridays, Saturdays)
* Click here to find out more about 'Salted Caramel'.
^ Click here for the Facebook page of 'Salted Caramel'.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies that's located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Banana Man...

I don't think that by eating a banana can give you super powers and the ability to fly, but it can be a delicious and interesting snack too. :P

'Pisang Goreng'/'Goreng Pisang'
Some called it 'Pisang Goreng' and others called it 'Goreng Pisang'.
Regardless of what you call it, it still ended up to be 'Fried Bananas'.
So what's so special about the bananas over here?

For a start, I like the layer of crust that has covered the banana
completely. It gives the banana a crispy touch and at the same time
maintain the soft texture of the banana. Although the bananas have
fried, but it isn't too oily and some how the stall owners still can
manage the sweet taste of the bananas, which is pretty good.

By the way, besides for 'Fried Bananas', this particular stall also
prepare and sell fried snacks, such as 'Fried Taro', 'Fried Sweet
Potato', etc... I have also given the 'Fried Taro' a try and it's as
good as the 'Taro Pie' that the fast food restaurant 'McDonalds' is
selling right now. (However, though the 'Fried Taro' is nice, but I
personally find the taste of the 'Goreng Pisang' to be much more tasty.)

So where can you give the 'Goreng Pisang' a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Boon Pisang Goreng'(雲炸香蕉).
It's located inside 'LongHouse' located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Opening Hours:
    12noon - 8pm (Daily)
* Click here for the location of 'LongHouse' on 'Google Maps'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that's located near 'LongHouse'.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Is this the best Duck? Quack Quack...

Since I was somewhere near the very last stop of the Circle Line (CC), I was thinking of travelling all the way to 'Bishan' to have a nice bowl of 'Braised Duck Rice'. However, since I can't recall the exact location of the 'stall', therefore I decided to do a bit of 'Googling'. For some reason, I happen to come across another 'Braised Duck stall' and quite a large group of people were claiming that this particular stall was even much more better than the 'Bishan' stall. Therefore...

'Braised Duck Rice'
Usually when you place an order for a plate of 'Braised Duck Rice' at
a Hawker Centre in Singapore, chances that you will be getting a plate
of white rice, a few slices of braised duck and a bit of vegetables are
pretty high. And based on my own opinion, no matter how good the taste
of the duck meat can/might be, it just doesn't go well with white rice.

Anyway let's move back to the 'Braised Duck Rice' over here. So what's
so special about it? Firstly, although I only place an order for a plate
of 'Braised Duck Rice', but you will also be getting ingredients like
'Braised boiled Egg' and peanuts. Just for the amount of ingredients
that you are getting, it already win over my heart and interest.
Secondly, the affordable price. Third and not least, despite of the
quantity, the taste of all the individual ingredients are delicious.
For a start, the fragrance of the rice is pretty nice and the 'Braised
Duck Meat' isn't too dry. In fact, the duck meat is succulent. On top
of that the peanuts, 'Braised Boiled Egg' and the sauce that they are
using, blend with the rice perfectly. Sometimes the taste of an
ingredient can only be considered to be good when you eat it individually.
However, when you mixed it with a other types of ingredients, you might be
getting a heavenly taste. :P

So where can you give the 'Braised Duck Rice' a try?
The name of this stall would be
'Soon Kee (Boneless) Lor Duck Rice・Porridge・Duck Mee'(順記(起骨)滷鴨飯・粥・鴨面).
It's located inside 'LongHouse' located along 'Upper Thomson Road'.

  • Opening Hours:
    11am - 9pm
    (Closed on alternate Wednesdays)
* Click here for the location of 'LongHouse' on 'Google Maps'.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Growing Up with Noodles...

Since I have been staying in the same area for the last 20 over years, though it have also undergone a lot of changes, but there ought to be a few places that continues to give me an instant rush of nostalgia. :P

'Fishball Noodles'
This would be one of the place that still continues to make me feel
quite nostalgia. Back then, most of my lunch were taken over here.

But what's so special about this place?
Well, although this place was a coffee shop, but the variety of food
that they are offering over here are pretty limited. As for myself,
I always go for the 'Fishball Noodles'. :P (I am a big fan of Noodles.)

Anyway, each bowl of 'Fishball Noodles' was relatively cheap and as you
can see, the amount of ingredients that was given were pretty generous.
As for the bowl of 'Noodles', it isn't too dry or too wet, which makes
the stirring process much more easier. In fact, since I love spicy
stuff, therefore I will pour all the various types of chilli into the
bowl and mixed them together. Although bean sprouts were not given, but
the taste of the chewy Noodles were so delicious that I finished it
within minutes. And the ridiculously hilarious point would be the fact
that I have emptied the bowl of Noodles and the whole bowl of soup and
ingredients still remain untouched. :P The taste of the ingredients
are pretty acceptable and the 'Fishballs' are pretty bouncy. Most
importantly the 'Fishballs' are pretty fresh and it doesn't come with
a fishy smell.

So where can you give this delicious bowl of 'Fishball Noodles' a try?
The name of this coffee shop would be 'Hua Bee Restaurant'(華美餐室).
It's located near 'Tiong Bahru Market'.
Although this place isn't facilitated with air-conditioning and the
interior is slightly a bit too gloomy, who cares about all these
unimportant stuff when the food over here are pretty amazing. :D

  • Opening Hours:
    6am - 6pm Daily
    (Closed on Sundays)
* Click here for the location of 'Hua Bee Restaurant' on 'Google Maps'.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A station for Desserts

Whenever I dine out, I will begin my search for a dessert once I have a satisfying meal/main course. Since I love to dine at a Hawker Centre, therefore...

the first type of dessert that I would keep a look out would be the local delights.
This isn't the first time I'm giving the dessert over here a try. The first few
attempts are pretty pleasant therefore I think that it's time for me to blog about
the dessert of this place.

For a start, the dessert over here are pretty delicious. However, I personally
find the taste of the cold desserts much more better than the hot desserts.
Probably it's due to the fact that the cold desserts were much more sweeter than
the hot ones, therefore...

By the way, if you are into crazily sweet simple 'Chendol', you should give the
dessert over here a try. Though it's not the sweetest bowl of 'Chendol' that I
have eaten in my entire life, but it's much more sweeter than the average stuff
that you are getting elsewhere. As for myself, one of the main reasons why I love
'Chendol' was due to the fact that there's lot's of red beans and jelly in it. :P

So where can you give the dessert a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Dessert Station'(甜品贊).
It's located inside 'Albert Centre Market And Food Centre'.

  • Opening Hours:
    8:00am - 10pm Daily
  • For some reason, there's always a queue outside this particular stall, but the amount of waiting time is relatively short and reasonable.

* Click here for the location of 'Albert Centre Food Centre'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Albert Centre Market And Food

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Greenish Rice...

Setting aside the usual white rice, what sort of coloured rice can you find in Singapore? For a start, there's 'Brown Rice', 'Yellow Rice' and there's also...

'Green Rice', or more commonly known as 'Pandan Rice'.
If you have been following my blog for a relatively long period of time, you
would realise that I love food that are prepared with 'Pandan' leaves. As for
the 'Green Rice' that they have prepared for the 'Nasi Lemak', it's rich in
colour and the nice aroma of 'Pandan' is simply irresistible. To some extent,
I personally felt that the rice was even much more tastier than some of the
ingredients they have given in this big plate of 'Nasi Lemak'.

Out of all the ingredients that was given, the 'Z-shaped Chicken Wing' would
be the best. It's crispy, not too oily and it has a nice aroma too. Taste wise,
though it's crispy on the outside, but the flesh is pretty tender. In fact,
it's so good that I finish the whole 'Chicken Wing' within minutes and 1 piece
of it is simply insufficient to satisfy my taste buds. Vegetables wise, they
were pretty tasty and the long beans were pretty crunchy too. In fact, my
experience with the cabbage over here were pretty pleasant. At least, they are
not serving big leaves of cabbage that are pretty hard to chew/bite and the
vegetables aren't too dry. As for the rest of the ingredients, though the taste
were acceptable, but it isn't as good as the 'Chicken Wing' or the 'Rice'.
By the way, the 'Sambal Chilli' that they are providing isn't spicy and tasty
enough. And that would be one of the main areas that they should really spend
a bit more time working/improving the taste of the 'Sambal Chilli'..

So where can you give this greenish 'Nasi Lemak'a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Wan Xing Ye Jiang Fan / Chao Mi Fen'(万興椰漿飯/炒米粉).
It's located inside 'Albert Centre Market And Food Centre'.

  • Opening Hours:
    6:30am - 9pm Daily
  • Since the price of the food that they are serving are pretty reasonable and the taste of it are pretty good, therefore the need of queueing up for the food over here are simply unavoidable.

* Click here for the location of 'Albert Centre Food Centre'.

Friday, 8 March 2013

I got to admit...

that over the last few years, this is the first time they are attracting my attention again. And that particular product will be...

the new 'Taro Pie'.
Out of the 3 new products that they have launched recently, I find this the best.
As for the reason why, I guess the first and one of the most important reason would
be the relatively cheap price. In fact, as fas as I could remember, it's much more
cheaper than the cost of a Apple Pie during my secondary school days. Secondly, the
nice fragrance of the vegetable, Taro. Last but not least, the good taste. the pie
was wrapped with a layer of crispy crust and the warm Taro can easily burn your
tongue. Therefore, I would strongly suggest that you let it cool down for a minute
or so before you take the first bite. :P Anyway, though the taste of the Taro is
slightly a bit too sweet, but the overall experience still remains to be pretty good.

* Click here for the official website of McDonald's Singapore.
^ Click here for the official website of McDonald's Delivery Singapore a.k.a McDelivery.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Brothers in Arms...

I grown up pretty much the same way as everyone else. If I have the time and money back then, I will hangout at my favourite spot after school. And my favourite hangout spot have something to do with...


"Pig's Organ Soup"
This used to be one of my favourite selection back then and
although the price of the soup had gone up, but I still find
it to be pretty delicious.

Setting aside the delicious and salty 'Salted
vegetables', the rest of the ingredients are mainly pig organs.
There's pork stomach, meat balls, intestines, livers, etc...
The fresh ingredients and the sweet taste of the clear-less soup is a
plus and best of all, the soup isn't powder-ish or pepper-ish at all.
I knew that this might sound a bit silly, but usually I try to avoid
the step of adding additional flavours into the things that I'm going
to eat. (Except for chilli. Some dishes just doesn't end up to be that
great, if chilli is missing. Ex: 'Chilli Crab', 'Sambal Kang Kong', etc...)

So where can you give this dish a try?
The name of this stall is 'Koh Brother Pig's Organ Soup'(徐兄弟猪什汤).
It's located inside 'Tiong Bahru Market'.

Speaking of 'Tiong Bahru Market', I kinda miss the old 'Tiong Bahru Market'.
The old triangular array of hawkers, the old wet market, the cheap and good
food would be part of my unforgettable memories.

  • Opening Hours:
    Tuesdays - Sundays: 8am - 4pm & 6pm - 8:30pm

* Click here to find out more about 'Koh Brother Pig's Organ Soup'(徐兄弟猪什汤).
^ Click here for the location of 'Tiong Bahru Market' on Google Maps.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies located near 'Tiong Bahru Market'.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Largest Fried Chicken strikes back...

I had written about this place some time back. And I was passing by the place today and...

Besides for the 'Original' flavour, the 'Spicy' flavour and the 'BBQ Lemon Chicken',
it seems that the owner of this stall have roll out a few more new flavours.
The new flavours are 'Onion Chicken', 'Garlic Chicken', 'Curry Chicken',
'Seaweed Chicken' and 'Sour Plum Chicken'.

With no camera flashingWith a bit of camera flashing...

Since I haven't been eating this for a very long time, I decided to give one of the new
flavours a try. Therefore... 'Curry Chicken' flavour has been selected. :P The size
of the 'Fried Chicken' still remains to be pretty big and the crispy touch still
remains to be pretty good. Taste wise, basically it is using the original
'Fried Chicken' as the base and they are sprinkling the Curry powder all over it.
Though it ended up to be a bit too powder-ish but the aroma of the Curry powder
is pretty nice. Although the taste of the Curry powder happen to be pretty strong
, but I still prefer the taste of the original or the spicy flavour, which is also
not too powder-ish.

So what is the name of this stall again?
The name of this stall would be 'Hot Star Large Fried Chicken'.
It seems to be expanding rapidly over the past year. It currently have 4 outlets
in Singapore and they are located at Basement 1 of 'City Square Mall', Level 3 of
'Nex Mall Serangoon', Basement 1 of 'Tampines 1' and Basement 4 of 'ION Orchard'.
So why don't you quickly make your way to the outlet closest to you and comment
about the new flavours that they are offering over here, in this blog. :P

  • They wouldn't cut the Fried Chicken into pieces so WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)...
* Click here for the website of 'Hot Star Large Fried Chicken'.
^ Click here for my previous post about 'Hot Star Large Fried Chicken'.