Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Perfect bowl of Fish Ball Noodles

How much do I love Noodles? Well, how should I put it... basically more than 70~80% of my meals that I have been dining out have noodles in it. Hence, it have been a very long time since I have seen such a perfect bowl of Fish Ball Noodles. Introducing...

A Perfect bowl of Fish Ball Noodles.
What makes a bowl of Fish Ball Noodles Perfect?
Most importantly, ingredients like fish balls, fish cakes, etc
must be flesh. The noodles shouldn't be too hard or too soggy
and best of all...

The amount of vinegar and chilli sauce that was pour
into the bowl shouldn't be too much or too little.
Just look at the photo in the above and you could
easily understand what I'm trying to tell you. :D

So where can you find this Fish Ball Noodles stall?

This would be the Fish Ball Noodles stall and its located in...

The Coffee Villa located at 'One Commonwealth'.

* Click here for the address of 'One Commonwealth'.

Post 100 before 2012, An interesting delicacy from the Middle East

I have come so far to reach post 100th before I move on to the year 2012. As for today, I'm going to blog about this delicacy from the Middle East. Probably most of us have never tried food from the Middle East before but this is something that one should be trying especially when the making process can be as interesting as the taste of the food. Introducing...

A chicken Shawarma.
The look remains me of the Chinese delicacy, Popiah, and the
Westernised delicacy, known as Taco or Burrito or something similar.
But the Shawarma that I have eaten would be slightly different from the above.
Unlike a Popiah, a Shawarma can contains meat ingredients like either
Chicken or Mutton or even Beef. Note: it can be vegetarian too.
And on top of the ingredients, the Shawarma wasn't served cold.
All the ingredients were wrapped together using a Pita Bread,
before it was thrown into a double sided frying pan.
After cooking it for a few minutes... Tada~~~ there you go a newly made Shawarma.

For each Shawarma that you have ordered, you get to choose 2 different sauces
that goes within the Shawarma. As for the above, it was a mixture between
Chilli and Tomato sauce. The taste was fantastic.
You get to taste the warm Pita bread on top of the warm ingredients,
which is a mixture of vegetables and meat.
Here comes the best part, you don't need to worry about the ingredients
getting their way through the Pita bread. Trust me, the Pita Bread is strong
enough to wrap all the ingredients together.

Next, let us take a look behind the making of the Shawarma Meat...
by taking a look at the following video...
So what do you think the pillars revolving in the video are made from?
Have you guess correctly? the pillars were actually meat towers.
The chef will be shredding pieces of meat from the revolving meat towers directly.
For all you meat lovers out there, isn't it a dream for you if you can bring
one of the revolving meat towers home? XD

This would be the list of Shawarma sauces that one can choose.
Tomato, Hummus, Garlic Yoghurt, Chilli, Mayonnais and Barbeque.

The above would be the menu of the place.
Besides for Shawarma, they also serve normal Sausages and German Sausages.

As for the name of this place, that would be 'Shiraz Mazzeh'.
They have outlets island wide in Singapore.

* Click here to find out more about 'Shiraz'.

Hokkaido Soft Cream

What's your favourite choice of food when you are experiencing hot and humid weather? As for myself, Ice Cream would be the first item that comes popping out of my mind when I'm experiencing such weather. Another good reason for eating Ice Cream would be the fact that you can continue with your window shopping and lick/eat the Ice Cream at the same time. As for this week, let me introduce to you a shop selling Japanese Ice Cream. Introducing...

The above would be photos of the shop titled 'Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream'.
This shop is famous for selling Japanese Soft Cream,
basically its Ice Cream which is much much softer.
You can find all sorts of Ice Cream favours at this shop.
For example: Tiramisu, Mango, Green Tea, etc.

This would be one of my favourites.
Introducing the favour 'Caramel Sea Salt'.

* Click here to find out more about 'Azabu sabo' Singapore.
^ Click here for the exact location of 'Azabu sabo' that I have introduced in this post.

Friday, 30 December 2011

A fake Coconut

Usually when an individual mention about a 'Coconut Juice', probably the first thing that would come popping out in your mind would be a big Coconut with a straw and a spoon sticking out of it. But there is another way to savour your favourite juice and that would be...

the method of having it in a Mug.
Even though this was probably the easiest and laziest
way to savour a Coconut drink, it doesn't mean that
the you will only be getting the juice only.
Although the juice was prepared in a mug,
coconut meat was also given also.
So what are you waiting for, hurry down and grab
yourself a mug of Coconut juice and quench your thirst.

This stall is located at Changi Village. Besides getting Coconut juice in a Mug,
you can also place an order for a fresh Coconut. On top of that, the other drinks
like Pineapple Juice, Grass Jelly Juice, etc were pretty satisfying too. :D

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Biting away Half of the Moon

I'm not really going to eat the moon. A small stomach like mine will take ages to eat one big Moon. Most importantly, I can't fly up into the sky and take a bit out of the moon. Therefore, I'm going to introduce you to a food and has the shape of half a moon. Introducing...

A Chinese Water Dumpling.
Although a Water Dumpling contains ingredients that you can easily get from a market,
it isn't an easy task for one to prepare/make delicious Water Dumplings.
(Especially, when I have eaten Water Dumplings that were tasteless before...
you will understand my feelings...)
As for the Dumplings that you can get from this stall, I'm not sure whether the
owners were making their own Dumpling skins or not but the skins were definitely
strong enough to wrap an amazing amount of ingredients.
On top of that, I'm pretty sure that the owners have been spending a large amount
of time making and squeezing out all the water from the ingredients, otherwise it
wouldn't be possible for them to make such delicious Dumplings.
The best part would be, each and every bite off the Dumpling, gives you the
feeling that the ingredients of the Dumpling is going to explode any minute now.
And that is pretty amazing. XD
So what more can you ask for and where can you find such 'explosive' Water Dumplings?

This would be the place. The name of the stall would be 'Amigo'.
It's located at the market at Changi Village.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The biggest Sin in this world...

For me, myself, I think that the biggest Sin in this world would be food wastage.

Why do I say so?
This is because if you take a look around, especially at places like Hawker Centre or various Restaurants, it isn't a very difficult task of spotting a common action of people leaving behind a large potion of food untouched. There could be a lot of reasons behind this behaviour. For example, medical reason, food freshness... etc. What makes me furious would be the cause of greediness. For example, a person went to a hawker centre. He saw 5 different kind of dishes that he wanted to try, hence he went ahead and ordered all the dishes at one go. After having a few bites from each dish, he was full, hence the rest of the food ended up into the rubbish bin. This can be annoying. Please try to recognise the fact that there could be a human being suffering from starvation as every minute goes by. Please try not to waste food at all times and if you really want to try a few dishes at one go, you can always look for a few friends and try all the good dishes together. Alternatively, I am always free when it comes to trying good food. Please contact me if you are looking for a food 'kaki'.

Sushi Express

Have you taken a ride on the 'Shinkansen' of Japan before? I have taken it numerous times and the experience is fantastic. However, have you seen a 'Sushi Train' before? I finally have my first encounter with a 'Sushi Train' a few weeks ago.

You will use the 'IPad' to place your food orders.
You can place orders for items like Sushi, Sashimi, Desserts, etc.

The train is approaching Table Number 35.
Please ensure the safety of your 'Sushi'.
Various type of food items will be placed on the train
and sent to your table directly.
The gadget is very interesting that I thought of stealing it. XP


Fried Prawn Maki &
Iidako & Karaage

Various kind of Sushi

Agedashi Tofu

Crab Chawanmushi

The above would be are
photos that was taken
in the restaurant

This would be the menu of the restaurant.

Some other photos that was taken in the restaurant.

The name of the restaurant would be 'Genki Sushi'.
Probably one would feel energetic after having a meal at 'Genki Sushi'?

* Click here to find out more about 'Genki Sushi' Singapore.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Having a plate of Chicken Rice everyday

Is it possible to have a plate of 'Chicken Rice' everyday? That would be a question that I would ask myself. As for today, I'm going to introduce to you to another place where you can find good 'Chicken Rice'..

What makes a good plate of 'Chicken Rice'?
The following would a characteristics of a good plate of 'Chicken Rice'.
It should have a good plate of nicely fragrance and delicious rice,
crunchy and fresh slices of cucumber, spicy and delicious chilli sauce
and most importantly, delicious slices of Chicken meat.
These are the characteristics of the Chicken Rice of this stall.
It have clearly state the standards of a good plate of Chicken Rice.

So where is this stall located?
Before I move on to the step of introducing the location of the store, let us look at the queue of the stall during lunch hours. The queue of the stall is simply too long that after queueing for a few minutes, I decided to try the Chicken Rice on a different day where the queue is much much shorter.

The above would be the menu of the stall.
On top of merely 'Chicken Rice' alone, the stall also sell side dishes
like Vegetables with Oyster Sauce and Beansprout with Cuttlefish.

So where is this stall located?

It is located in Maxwell Market and on top of the location,
part of the name of the stall '天天' simply means everyday.
So probably this is a stall that serves a plate of 'Chicken Rice'
that one can continuously eating throughout a whole year. XD

  • The operating hours of this stall would be from early morning all the way to late afternoon. If you really want to try the 'Chicken Rice' of this stall, I would highly recommend you to either go there very early or after lunch hours.
  • But, if you want to try their side dishes, It would be best that you visit the stall before lunch hours where the queue is much much shorter. XD

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The 4 Heavenly Snacks of Maxwell Food Centre - Part 4 - Peanut Soup

This is the last of the 4 Heavenly Snacks of Maxwell Food Centre. Rather than listing it as a Snack, I think that it would be more appropriate to recognise it as a type of dessert. Here goes introducing...

THe infamous Peanut Soup of Maxwell Market.
With the use of blanched peanuts, which gradually blend with the soup,
have increase the taste of the soup to a delicious level.
If you are there pretty early, chances that you can get a bowl of peanut
soup that contains lots of peanuts were pretty high.
Best of all, if you turn up at the stall pretty early, there will also
be a high chance of getting a bowl of peanut soup with crunchy peanuts.
It also reminds me of the dessert that contains blanched peanuts.

This would be the menu of the stall.
On top of a normal bowl of Peanut Soup, you can also
get a bowl of Peanut Soup with rice balls by topping up a bit more.

This is how the stall looks like in Maxwell Market.

  • The stall is open from the morning to early afternoon. Hence, if you want to try the Peanut Soup, I would suggest you to turn up super early, preferably like 10 or 11 am in the morning.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seeing Doubles?

Today I'm going to introduce to you to a Chinese snack that is slow.... Huh...? I know I'm contradicting myself but most of the time, snacks are portrayed to be something similar to fast food, where you can get it fast and finish your food within minutes but this stall had changed part of my opinion for snacks completely.


a Chinese snack known as 'Popiah' or 'Spring roll'.
So what's so special about this 'Popiah'?

What are the common mistake of a 'Popiah'?
  • The ingredients are too 'wet' that cause the skin of the 'Popiah' to break easily
  • The skin is too thin, hence it breaks easily
  • Too much ingredients, hence the skin cannot handle the amount of load in the 'Popiah'

After we have look through the weaknesses of a bad 'Popiah', what makes this 'Popiah' that I have written here so special?
Well, let us take a look at the following picture first.

Have you saw it?
The stall owner is actually using 2 'Popiah' skin to make a roll of 'Popiah'.
By doing it that way, you wouldn't be facing the problem of the ingredients
falling out of the 'Popiah'. O.OV
On top of that, by adding an additional 'Popiah' skin doesn't mean that you will be
eating more flour. The amount of flour used in each 'Popiah' skin is perfect.
On top of that, the 'Popiah' can be considered to be pretty well done, especially
when its neither too wet nor too dry... Perfect!!!

Best of all.... the 'Popiah' is Halal.
So everyone can try and savour it. :D

Where can you find this delicacy?

Here you go. This stall is located near Clementi Market and Food Centre.
As for why this stall changes part of my opinion for Chinese
snacks would be due to the crazy long queue at this stall.
I was queueing for more that 40 minutes for 2 rolls of 'Popiah'....
Where's the crazy part?
Most of the people queueing in front of me
were purchasing 6~8 rolls of 'Popiah' at a time.... @.@""""

* Click here for the address of the stall located near Clementi Market and Food Centre.
  (By the way, the stall is located at the corner of Blk 449 next to the road.)
^ Click here for some other delicacies that you should try at Clementi Market
  and Food Centre.