Saturday, 17 December 2011

A taste of Royal Tea...?

I think I don't need to emphasize how much I love Tea. Especially when it comes to Chinese tea, I simply can't survive without it. Therefore, I will be introducing a 'Royal Tea' to you today. :P

So where should I start.... I know, food photos comes first. :P
This would be the Imperial High Tea Menu for the Month of Dec 2011.
It compromise a few types of Tea and Dim Sum. On top of the above,
as this place changes the menu for the Imperial High Tea monthly.
It would be almost impossible for you to savour the same Tea or Dim Sum
within a year, unless you are visiting the restaurant weekly or daily. :P

Chinese Tea
White Tea:
"Bai Hao Ying Zhen"
Chinese Appetizer
(Somehow the taste reminds
me of Dried Tangerine Peel)

BBQ Pork Bun
Minced Meat Crystal Dumpling

Let us take a break and try a different kind of Tea.
Chinese Tea
Wulong Tea:
"Tie Guan Yin"
Note: this is refillable. :P

Fuah~~~~~ So nice... So what's next?

Minced Meat Crystal Dumpling
Steam Dumpling with Dried Scallop

Deep fried Crispy Minced Prawn Roll
Noodle with Turkey in Onion Oil

Let us take another break before moving on to the desserts.
Chinese Tea
Red Tea:
"Qi Men Hong Cha"
Note: Also refillable. :P

Pancake in Osmanthus Paste
Cheese Cake

Home Made Fine Beancurd with Chinese Rice Wine

Photos taken at the restaurant, 'Tian Fu Tea Room'(天府茶藝舘).
By the way, the company behind 'Tian Fu Tea Room' restaurant would be the
infamous 'Si Chuan Dou Hua'(四川豆花飯莊) restaurant located on top of UOB Plaza.

Saw this Gigantic Chinese Tea Cup in the restaurant.
I wonder how long will it take me to finish one cup
of tea using this Gigantic Chinese Tea Cup. :P

By the way where is this restaurant located?
It's located within...

Parkroyal on Beach Road.
I guess that by now everyone reading this post should be able to
understand why the title of this post contains the 2 words 'Royal Tea'...
Because you are appreciating 'Tea' in a place known as 'Park Royal'. :P

* Click here for the website of this restaurant 'Tian Fu Tea Room'(天府茶藝舘).
^ Click here to find out more about the promotions that 'Tian Fu Tea Room'(天府茶藝舘) is
  currently having.
~ Click here for the website of this restaurant 'Si Chuan Dou Hua'(四川豆花飯莊).
- Click here to find out more about Parkroyal on Beach Road.

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