Friday, 29 June 2012

Chinese Mutton Soup

It's getting hot these few days. By pushing my tolerance for a humid weather even much further, I decided to go for a bowl of 'Mutton Soup' for lunch...

'Mutton Soup'
I'm getting this from a Chinese stall in a hawker centre.

Let's take a closer look at the 'Mutton Soup'.
There's mutton balls, mutton belly and mutton meat.

In fact, this is my first encounter in getting mutton belly
in a bowl of soup. The texture and the taste is far more
superior than pork belly that I'm getting in the pig organ soup.

Taste wise, unlike any other mutton soup than you are getting
from a muslim stall, the taste of the soup isn't too spicy. And
the chewy mutton balls and mutton belly have already given me
enough reasons to visit the same stall again. However, that
isn't everything. The taste of the deliciously thick mutton soup
and the generous portion of ingredients that tastes fantastically
wonderful, have capture my heart and soul completely.
(Seriously, if it's open everyday, I don't mind visiting the
same stall over and over again.)

So what other delicacy are they selling?

Here's the menu of the stall.
Basically, they are selling mutton soup only. One of the good
points about this stall would be the flexibility of customising
the mutton soup with the ingredients that you want.
(Though you can customised it, but it's more of selecting the
mutton parts that you would like to add into the 'Mutton Soup'.)

And where can you get this delicacy?

The name of this stall would be "Chai Chuan Tou Yang Rou Tang"(柴船头羊肉汤).
It's located in 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre'.
  • Operating Hours: 11am - 2:30pm daily (Closed on Sunday and Saturday)
  • Be there early. They might ran out of rice or mutton ingredients by 2pm in the afternoon.

* Click here for the location of 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre' on
  Google Maps.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that can be found in 'Bukit Merah View Market and
  Food Centre'.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Atas ice cream in your friendly neighbourhood

When we talk about places to get ice cream around your neighbourhood, places like 24 hours convenience stores and neighbourhood supermarket will tend to be the first item that comes popping out of your mind. But time flies and things have changed...

You can actually get atas ice cream in your neighbourhood nowadays.
I'm actually getting this ice cream from a restaurant located on
level 1 of a HDB block. Woo Hoo~~~~

And it doesn't sell normal ice cream flavours like vanilla,
Strawberry and Chocolate but flavours like Rum and Raisin,
Matcha (Green Tea), Salted Gula Malaka, etc...

As for myself, I was looking forward to the chilli flavour,
which is not available that day, but since I have travelled
great distance to this place, I shall not leave that place
empty handed. :P So her we have it. Rum and Raisin & Banana
ice cream cone. (Too bad I can only put 2 scoops of ice cream
on the cone, otherwise I would like to try the flavour
Salted Gula Malaka (Looks pretty much like Caramel with Salt)...)

Taste wise, Rum and Raisin is pretty sweet ice cream and it
really comes with raisins. As for the banana ice cream, the
taste is too overwhelming. I have never expected it to be so
strong. >.<""""

The exciting and disturbing part about the ice cream of this
place, they tend to change the flavours on a daily basis.
Will be good if they can place a ice cream menu somewhere
so that a trip wouldn't be wasted.... :P

So where to get the atas ice cream?

The name of this cafe would be "Creamier".
It's located on level 1 of Blk 128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1.

  • Operating Hours: 12:00pm - 9:00pm (Tuesday - Thursday)
                                12:00pm - 10:00pm (Friday)
                                10:00pm - 10:00pm (Saturday)
                                10:00pm - 9:00pm (Sunday)
* Click here for the website of "Creamier".
^ Click here for the Facebook Page of "Creamier".
~ Click here for the location of "Creamier" on Google Maps.

A syrupless Beancurd

Well, I guess most of the Singaporeans have eaten soya beancurd for Breakfast before. If I'm not mistaken, most of the soya beancurd that you are getting from a hawker will comes with a bit of sweet syrup but...

in order to get a bowl of "Soya Beancurd", are you willing to stand
behind such a long queue? This is pretty much similar to gambling.
Especially when long queue doesn't really mean that the food is
delicious let alone it's simple stuff like "Soya Beancurd".

So what's so special about this beancurd?
First of all, the "Soya Beancurd" that you are getting at this stall
is syrupless. Secondly, it's pretty much jelly like. The texture is
pretty soft and after shaking it a bit, some ripples tend to appear
on the surface of the "Soya Beancurd". Third but not least, though
you can only get cold "Soya Beancurd" at this place, but the
"Soya Beancurd" is pretty much the same as a "Soyabean" flavour
"Mango Pudding".

Taste wise, by putting a scoop of the "Soya Beancurd" into your mouth
it will slowly melt into your throat. It's soft like ice cream, but it
doesn't melt so easily under the hot sun. :) Although the taste of the
original flavour is pretty good, but the taste of the
"Almond Soya Beancurd" is so strong that it kinda makes the original
flavour looks kinda boring. :P
(How do I know? Because I have tried both flavours at one go.)

So where can you get this cold "Soya Beancurd"?

The name of the stall would be "Lan Ban Soya Beancurd"(老伴豆花).
They currently have a few stalls island wide. The main branch can
be found in "Old Airport Road Food Centre". The other branches can
be found in "Maxwell Food Centre" and "One Raffles Place".
The photos that I have shown here belongs to the main branch
that is located in "Old Airport Road Food Centre".

  • Operating Hours: 11:30am - 8pm (Tuesday - Saturday)
                                1pm - 8pm (Sunday)
                                (Closed on Mondays)
* Click here for the website of "Lan Ban Soya Beancurd"(老伴豆花).
^ Click here for the location of "Old Airport Road Food Centre" on Google Maps.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pawn Noodles Again....

A few months back, I have blog about this heavenly Turtle Soup located along Upper Paya Lebar Road, but I was walking from the Turtle Soup place towards the nearest MRT station and I saw this...

place with a big signboard indicating 'Geylang Prawn Noodles'.
Since it can occupy such a big stall by itself, there ought
to be something special...

So here goes for nothing...:P
A bowl of 'Prawn Noodles'
Pretty much similar to the Prawn Noodles that can be found in
"ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre", the ingredients that was
given here are mainly vegetables and cooked Prawns that are
cut into half. So if you are a Prawn head lover, here's
something for you. The Prawns that was given also comes with
shell and the prawn head. On top of that, I was expecting
the bowl of noodles to comes with a lot of soup, but it doesn't
which makes the taste of the chilli and the noodles to blend
together even much more. (Usually some places tend to add either
Pork Rib soup or Boiled water into the bowl of noodles, which
kinda changes the taste of the bowl of "Prawn Noodles". :O)

However this bowl of "Prawn Noodles" is pretty good. Although
it doesn't comes with a big variety of ingredients, but the
taste of the bowl of Noodles is pretty good. The spicy taste
that blends in pretty well with the noodles and the flesh Prawns
has given me enough reason to visit the place again. :P

  • Operating Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm (Mondays - Saturdays)
                                8:00am - 5:00pm (Sundays)
* Click here for the location of 'Geylang Prawn Noodles' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the other delicacies that can be found along "Upper Paya Lebar Road".

Friday, 22 June 2012

The rise of the Crystal Empire

Probably I haven't been dining at 'Crystal Jade' for quite some time, but there seems to be a new trend. It seems that all the shopping malls in Singapore will have a 'Crystal Jade' branch residing in a corner of the shopping mall...

Crystal Jade My Bread(翡翠麦包)
This would be one of the newest 'Crystal Jade' branch located inside
the shopping mall near my house. Basically by looking at the name,
you know that this branch is specializing in selling pastries.
I was passing by the place at around 8pm that day and it seems to
a large variety of bun so I decided to give some of them a try.
Sorry for disappointment but I was busy savouring the buns that
I have forgotten to take a photo. :P After trying 6 of them, I think
that the buns that they are making isn't that bad. To some extent,
I think that they are as good as 'Bread Talk', even though it's slightly
more expensive as 'Bread Talk'. One of my favourite so far would be
the 'Crunchy Almond Bread'.

Back to the main topic, it seems that the 'Crytal Jade' started off
making Chinese food/cuisine like Dim Sum, Shanghai cuisine, Cantonese
cuisine, etc... Looking at the way they are expanding, I wouldn't be
surprise if they move into the other areas in the future.
For example: Western food, Japanese food, etc...

* Click here for the website of 'Crystal Jade'.
(It seems that they are undergoing some major site changes, but meanwhile you still can check out the current ongoing promotions that they have.)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

4 eating or for washing your face?

I suppose most of the locals have eaten 'Yong Tau Foo' in Singapore before. It's basically a store that gives you the option to choose the ingredients that you would either have in a bowl of soup or have it in a dry manner and add ketchup/chilli sauce into the bowl of ingredients. Besides for the bowl of ingredients, you will also be given the choice of having it with a bowl of rice/noodles/rice vermicelli. But you can also choose to have the noodles of rice vermicelli to be added into the bowl of ingredients and mix them together. Either ways, time to move on to the next step...

Biggest 'Yong Tau Foo' bowl in Singapore
I was browsing through the web and some of my friends were posting
photos of this place and since it's located near my current workplace
and my house, I decided to give this place a try.

The time is 8:30pm and the stall doesn't seems to be open so I decided
to give the other stalls a try. Time is 9:00pm, I was browsing around
the place hoping that there would be a stall selling desserts... O.O
I saw a long queue outside the opened 'Yong Tau Foo' stall itself...
Time to join in the queue too.

Looking at the stall wondering how come there's a few bowls placed in
front of the stall itself. Suddenly realised that I need to grab the
ingredients in a bowl before I queue up... Quickly grab all the
ingredients and jump back into the queue again... (==)""" 11 in line...

Waited for 20~30 minutes and it's almost my turn but wait, the stall
aunty just added a few more types of ingredients... and that look nice...
added a few more ingredients to my bowl again...

Finally, it's my turn. The stall uncle will ask the question of how
would you like the ingredients to be prepared?

I have listed some of the possibilities below.
  • Dry
  • Soup (With or without vegetables or ikan bilis or green chillies
  • Split the ingredients into 2 or more bowls
  • etc...
You will also be given the option of having a separate bowl of
noodles/rice vermicelli or you can also choose to have it inside the
big bowl of ingredients. Either ways, rather than trying to squeeze
all the ingredients into a bowl, if you have taken too much ingredients,
that will place all the ingredients into a bigger metal bowl, similar
to what I have shown in this post. In fact, the surface of the bowl
is big enough to cover more than half of my face.

On top of that, the bowl of noodles that I have ordered separately
is full of crispy bits, which is pretty much the same as the sides
of a fried dumpling and I'm loving it. Too bad the bowl of noodles
is much smaller than the bowl of ingredients that I have otherwise
it would be a good satisfying meal. :P

Either ways, I loved the soup. Besides for the sweet taste that most
'Yong Tau Foo' stall has, the soup has a spicy touch to it. Besides
for the taste, the wide variety that the place has is pretty astonishing
too. There's all sorts of pig organs, all types of deep fried stuff, etc...
If I'm not mistaken, they have more than 40 types of ingredients for
you to choose from. ++"""

Well where to get this 'Yong Tau Foo'?
The name of the stall will be 'Soon Li Yong Tau Foo'(顺利娘豆腐).
It's located in 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre'.
  • Operating Hours: Irregular but usually its from midnight onwards daily
  • Remember the following, queue up and get your ingredients first, before queueing up for the food. :)

* Click here for the location of 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre' on
  Google Maps.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that can be found in 'Bukit Merah View Market and
  Food Centre'.

The original taste of Carrot Cake...

I'm not sure whether I'm getting older and older or it's just me, but I sort of miss the good old days where one can get 'Carrot Cake Sticks' from a hawker centre or a market...

But what's a 'carrot cake stick'?
The appearance is pretty much similar as the modern French Fries. Except for the fact that the size is slightly much thicker and shorter and it's brownish in colour. I used to remember those days where I would get 1 big packet and eat slowly... :P Though I don't see much of it nowadays... :( Either ways time to move back to the main topic...

Although this is pretty much the same as the 'Carrot Cake' that you
are getting in a hawker centre but the taste is slightly different.
The texture of the carrot cake is slightly softer and the shape of
the carrot cake reminds me of 'Carrot Cake sticks'. On top of the
texture and the good taste, according to relevant resources, this
is one of the carrot cake stalls in Singapore that is making his own
'Carrot Cake' mixture. Pretty hard to find stalls like this nowadays.
(By the way, though I have placed an order for a plate of 'white
carrot cake', but it still turn out to be a bit brownish... so I
wonder how black or how brownish the black carrot cake will look like.)

So where to get this delicious plate of 'Carrot Cake'?

The name of the stall would be 'Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake'(红山景菜头粿).
It's located in 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours: 7am - 2pm, 6pm - 1am daily

* Click here for the location of 'Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre' on
  Google Maps.

One Pig Organ Soup Gao .. ?

For those that love 'Pig Organ Soup', here's something for you. Through some of my colleagues back then, I get to know about this nice 'Pig Organ Soup' place. So let's take a look at some photos. :P

Haven't seen generous 'Pig Organ Soup' like this nowadays.
The ingredients looks as if they are going to burst out of
the bowl. But what are the ingredients in this simple bowl
of 'Pig Organ Soup'?

There's meat balls, pig liver, pig intestines, pig stomach, etc...
quite a variety of pig organs. On top of all the sinful meat,
vegetables like bean curd and salted vegetables were also given.
This could be a perfect bowl of 'pig organ soup', if they have
added a larger portion of salted vegetables. (I think)
The ingredients were cooked properly and the taste of the soup is
fantastically delicious and thick(Gao). What else can one ask for?
(Hmm... Probably if they have added more salted vegetables
into the bowl, the soup wouldn't have ended up be so tasty.)

(In fact this was one fourth 'lunch' in the same afternoon.
When I saw the portion of it my eyes were rolling, but once I
took the first sip, my stomach suddenly have the urge for more. :P
And before I knew it, I already finished everything. ==""
I think I really have a @@ stomach...)

So where to get this delicacy?

The name of this place would be
'Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup'(正文志記豬什湯大王).
It is located near 'Lavender Food Square'.
  • Operating Hours: 9am - 5am Daily (Closed on Mondays)

* Click here for the address of 'Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup' on Google Maps.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Ramen Bar

There's a new unique Ramen restaurant in Singapore.

The way they are managing the place is pretty much similar to 'Keisuke Tonkotsu Ou' Ramen restaurant.

At the place...
ingredients like bean sprouts, boiled egg are provided for free.
On top of that, this place is providing 3 different types of
Ramen base. There's the white one(??), the red one(spicy) and
the black one(mixture of squid ink and garlic).
You are given to mix and match your Ramen too. You can choose
the texture of the noodles, the type of Char Siew to use, etc...
It's kinda fun creating the Ramen that you will like.

They also have a special menu for dinner time only.
This would be one of the items that will only be available
during dinner time - 'Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen'.

Anyway do you like 'Takoyaki'? If you are a big fan of it,
you probably might want to give this a try. Despite having
a 'Tonkotsu'(pork) soup base, I can also taste seafood in
the soup. If I'm not mistaken, I think that they have added
bonito into the soup too. (Bonito is the ingredients that
is poured onto the 'Takoyaki') Nice tasty soup. :P
Although the soup is pretty nice, but the texture of the
noodles, the portion of it, the char siew and the tamago
are pretty normal.

However, I'm not given the option to customise the
'Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen'. Probably if I have choosen
the normal 'Tonkotsu Ramen' that I can customise,
probably it might taste much better. :D
(If I have time, I would like to try the black Ramen.)

This shows the appearance of the Ramen Bar.
The name of the place would be 'Ramen Bar Suzuki'.

The following shows the information of the place:
  • Address                          :61 Circular Rd
  • Operating Hours:Lunch:11:30am - 3pm
  •                              Dinner:6pm-10:30pm (10pm Last Order)
  • Off days                           :Sundays, Public Holidays

* Click here to find out more about 'Ramen Bar Suzuki'.
* Click here to find out more about 'Keisuke Tonkotsu Ou'.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wala, Time for some good pratas....

Through the recommendations of my friends, I finally have the chance to give this place a try. I wanted to give this place a try much much earlier but it seems that either luck isn't on my side or much more people have idea as I do. Either ways...

Dinner is served...
'Ice Limau'
Nothing much I can describe about this drink except for
the part that it's very sour. I was expecting for a slice
of lemon to be added to this but I ended up getting a pure
lime juice. Crazily sour for a hot and humid weather.

'Dum Chicken Biryani'
I have ordered the 'Dum Chicken Biryani' as the main dish,
which also comes with 'Achar'(the vegetables), 'Sambar'
(the vegetables stew) and 'Papadum'(the cracker).

So what's a 'Dum Chicken Biryani'?
Basically a 'Dum Chicken Biryani' has a slight difference with
normal biryani. 'Dum Chicken Biryani' means that the chicken
meat and the Biryani rice would be cook and served together.
(Basically, all the 'Dum XXX Biryani' means that the XXX meat
and the biryani rice would be cook and served together.)

Taste wise, the taste of the thick 'Sambar' is pretty strong.
It's filled with a strong potato taste and I love it.
(Pretty ironic, I don't like 'French Fries' but I loved this.)
The crunchy 'Achar' is pretty fantastic too. (Especially when
lots of crunchy cucumber has been given. :P) The crunchy
'Papadum' is a big plus too though one slice isn't enough for me.
As for the biryani rice and the chicken, I personally find it
to be pretty normal only. Probably it would have taste much more
better if they have cook it for a bit more longer. Or perhaps
probably there are numerous complains that the biryani is too
hot to be eaten, therefore they have decided to...
Either ways, I miss the idea of having the 'Biryani RIce' with
some spicy curry and I think that I should try asking for some
spicy curry the next time round. :P (Hmmm... I wonder if I can
ask fore more biryani rice too...)

'Plain Prata'
This is one of the main reason why I have come to this place
for dinner. The 'Prata'. It seems that the 'prata' here is
one of the speciality of this place. (Even the name of the
place says so.) And it has really meet up to my expectations.
The 'prata' is very crispy. Although it's slightly a bit
smaller than normal 'pratas' but this is definitely one of
the crispiest one. The strong curry that comes with it, is
pretty tasty too. This makes me wonder if the other types
of 'pratas' are as good as this.

'Chilli Prata'
This is filled with green chillies. :D This is pretty interesting.
When I was looking at the item on the menu, I was wondering
if the prata is made up of a mixture of flour and grilled
chilli sauce. Never did I expect it to be green chillies.
Either ways, the prata still remains to be pretty crispy
and by adding green chillies can satisfy my fancy 'Chilli
desire'. (Note: this isn't very spicy, so go ahead give it a try.)

'Chicken Murtabak'
My opinion, please do not try to finish this alone. ==
I thought that I can finish a prata and a Murtabak easily,
but my jaws were dropping after taking a look at the Murtabak.
Although the size is pretty big, but luckily it isn't too
thick and the chef didn't stuff a lot of meat inside the
Murtabak. But they have stuffed a combination of spices,
chicken meat and a bit of vegetables inside the murtabak
in order for it to smells and taste good. :)
(Note: If you are a meat lover, go for the murtabak that
you can get at 'Spize'.)

So where to get all these tasty 'pratas'?
The name of the place would be 'Prata Wala'.
Although they only have 4 branches in Singapore but it seems
that they are expanding rapidly. (And the branch that I have
shown here would be the branch located on level 1 of 'Tiong Bahru Plaza'.)

  • It seems that the branch located at Jurong Point is the only branch that is opened 24/7. The other branches closes at either 10pm or 11pm. :(
* Click here for the website of 'Prata Wala'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Spize'.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Early prawn...

Woke up slightly earlier than usual but what can you do? The first item that pops out from my mind would be 'food'. I decided to explore the breakfast options in my neighbourhood...

'Prawn Noodles'
Luckily, I managed to climb out of bed pretty early, otherwise I
might have miss the opportunity to try this bowl of 'Prawn Noodles'.
The ingredients that were given were pretty normal. There's prawns,
few slices of fish cake, few slices of pork meat and bean sprouts.
Although, the noodles and the ingredients doesn't taste fantastically
wonderful, but somehow the taste of it is pretty acceptable.
As compared to the noodles, I think the taste of the soup is even
much better. The strong taste of the prawns can be extracted from
this small little bowl of soup easily. Furthermore, the taste of the
soup will only get better and better as time goes by, which makes me
wonder how tasty the soup can be when it reaches late afternoon...

So where to get this simple bowl of 'Prawn Noodles'?

The name of the stall would be 'Wei Zhong Qi Prawn Noodle'(味中奇虾面).
It is located in the village of 'A'.

  • Operating Hours: 7am - 5pm daily

* Click here for the map of 'Alexandra Village hawker centre'.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that can be found in 'A' village.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A different Chee Cheong Fun

I'm pretty sure that most of the Singaporeans have eaten 'Chee Cheong Fun' for either breakfast, lunch or dinner before. But how special can it be?

'Anson Chee Cheong Fun'
It seems that the owner of this shop is a Malaysian and
he has brought the recipe of making this speciality from
his home-town, Teluk Intan(安順)to Singapore.
So what's so special about this plate of 'Chee Cheong Fun'?
Besides for the method that the chef are using in handling
there 'Chee Cheong Fun', I guess the biggest difference
would be the ingredients that they have stuffed inside the
'Chee Cheong Fun'. Those brownish spots that you saw are
basically bits and pieces of radish. Therefore, every single
bite off the 'Chee Cheong Fun' will give you the sensational
crunchy and chewy combination. Although this is my first
encounter with this delicacy, it has definitely leave a
pretty good impression in my stomach and mind. (And I'm not
referring to the pickled chillies and chilli paste only ... ==)

'Rainbow Soya Bean Drink'
As per stated in the name itself, this is indeed a rainbow.
Adding jellies of different colours into the drink.
Although "You're beautiful... You're beautiful...'
but you aren't something special. :P

So where to get this special plate of 'Chee Cheong Fun'?

The name of the place would be 'Anson Chee Cheong Fun'.
It is located along 'Changi Road'.

  • Operating Hours: 7am - 8pm daily

* Click here for the location of 'Anson Chee Cheong Fun' on Google Maps.

Sex Symbol of Hong Kong Film Industry - Amy Yip(葉子楣)

Nope, I'm not going to blog about something erotic. This is a blog about food and 90% of the stuff that I would be blogging in this blog would be food-related. :P So what's the link between Amy Yip and food?

'Coffee Pau'(咖啡包)(left) and 'Big Chicken Pau'(大肉包)(right)
I happen to pop by this place in the extreme East of Singapore.
Seems that the speciality of this place are the Chinese Pau(包),
therefore I must definitely give this a try, since I'm a Pau lover.

The 'Coffee Pau' has a pretty strong coffee smell circulating
around it, but the ingredients inside (red bean paste) doesn't seems
to blend with the skin. I guess I prefer it without the ingredients.

'Big Chicken Pau'
My First Impression, this is the heaviest and biggest Pau that
I have seen in Singapore. It's even much heavier than my favourite
'Tiong Bahru Bao'. I wonder how it taste...

Oh my Food God...? It couldn't be, this can't be juicier and
tastier than 'Tiong Bahru Pau'... I couldn't believe it.
Besides for the price, the weight which is better than 'Tiong
Bahru Pau', even the taste is much better than my favourite...
This has definitely become my Number 1 Pau from now onwards...

And here comes....

'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包)
So how big is this 'Pau'?

By placing my palm next to it, should give you a rough idea
how big this 'Pau' is... (By the way my height is around 175cm)

As for the height, I need to open my mouth widely, in order to
grab a bite off this 'Pau'. The skin of the 'Pau' is fluffy,
as for the taste, it's pretty good. The 'Pau' is juicy, and
you can find ingredients like pork meat, mushrooms, boiled egg
and vegetables inside it. In fact, I was in the midst of finishing
the 'Pau' when a large amount of juice started dripping on my
hands. Wasted...:P (As for why they give this 'Pau' that name,
could it be... O.M.G... =="")

'Sure Win Pau'(包中包)
Isn't a typo, and the name of this Pau is indeed 'Sure Win Pau'(包中包).
I don't really get the rational of giving this Pau a name of 'Sure Win',
until I started eating half of it. The makers of the Pau has managed
to squeeze a 'Rice Dumpling'(粽子) into the Pau. Though the ingredients
were pretty much similar to the 'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包), but by
adding a 'Rice Dumpling' inside have given it a completely different
kind of touch and at the same time makes it even much more tasty. :D

But wait this isn't everything...
According to their menu, it seems that...
they are selling not 1 but 2 other different types of Jumbo Pau
'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包) and 'Sured Win Pau'(包中).

I wanted to try them but they are sold out. =="" (Astonished.)

They are also making and selling several other
types of Dim Sum, just in case you are not a big fan of 'Pau'.

So where to get them?

The name of this place would be 'Johor Bahru Pau / Tim Sum'(新山手工包点).
It is located along 'Changi Village Road'.

  • Operating Hours: 8am - 11pm daily
  • Seems that they have their own factory located in either Singapore or Johor Bahru.
  • Fresh delivery of the Paus will happen at 3pm, 7pm and in the morning. (Not sure if this is a fixed schedule that they are following...)

* Click here for the location of this place on Google Maps.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that's located along 'Changi Village Road'.
~ Click here to find out more about 'Tiong Bahru Pau'.