Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I'm on Fire.... ==""

Life is about facing challenges or going beyond your limits. (Though most of the time I only like to take up new challenges when it comes to food. :P) Therefore from time to time, you should always give something new a try, otherwise by going through the same routine over and over again, your body will end up ageing rapidly. As it was previously mentioned, I love to take up food challenges. Therefore...

'Rice with Yellow Ginger Chicken'
I haven't been to this restaurant for probably 10 years or so.
Probably my last experience dining at this place doesn't seems
to be very good therefore I wasn't a frequent customer of this
place. It's just so so happen that I was given a treat to Lunch
a few weeks ago, and that has lead to a new challenge...

The above shows the 'Rice with Yellow Ginger Chicken'. Although
the name doesn't sounds spicy, and it doesn't looks very spicy,
but this is most probably one of the most spiciest plate of rice
in my entire life. Just by taking a few bites and I'm already
perspiring like crazy. Besides for the crazy spicy taste, the
chicken meat is pretty well done and the ginger taste isn't very
strong, but if you are not a big fan of spicy food better don't
give this a try. If the chef can ended up making this dish into
something fiery and delicious, I think I have a relatively high
expectations for the other main dishes. :D

I managed to finish up the whole plate of rice and I'm not sure
whether it's my sense of touch or the chef but it seems that this
dish was much much spicier than what I had the previous round.
And probably if you continuously have it for lunch and dinner for
a month, you could easily beat me in eating spicy food.
(After having it for dinner, my stomach was burning for than
5 hours or so... ==""" to some extent that I thought that I'm
on fire ~~~~~~~)

So where to get this dish 'Rice with Yellow Ginger Chicken'?

The name of this restaurant would be "Thai Express" and they
have branches island-wide.

  • According to relevant resources, it seems that the standard of the branches might defer hence, if you really want to give the dish "Rice with Yellow Ginger Chicken" a try, I would highly recommend you to visit the branch at "VivoCity".
* Click here to find out more about "Thai Express".
^ Click here to find out more about "VivoCity".

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