Monday, 11 June 2012

Go Go Curry have wind up their business!!!

Probably I'm undergoing the process of growing up, therefore I have been eating a lot of food for dinner. (Which is something that I have been doing most of the time... ==) Either ways, since I'm pretty hungry yesterday, therefore I decided to have lots of food for dinner. Hence 'Go Go Curry' would be the best choice. However, it seems that 'Go Go Curry' have wind up their business and it was replaced by a new Curry restaurant and it seems that all the 'Go Go Curry' restaurant have been replaced by the same restaurant.

'Monster Combo Curry'
The above shows the 'Monster Combo Curry',
which is meant for 2, was pretty big indeed.
Ingredients like salad, 'Yakiniku'(Fried Meat), Deep Fried Prawns,
Fish fillet, Pork Cutlet, etc... was included in it.
(You will be given the option to choose the spicy level of the
curry that you can include in your curry rice. Been a big fan of
spicy food, I will just go with the spiciest level. :P)
Probably, I have been eating a lot of spicy food since I was a kid,
therefore I personally thinks that this isn't spicy enough. :P

As compared to the 'Grand Slam' of 'Go Go Curry',
I think that this is much more bigger and much more delicious.
However the curry of 'Go Go Curry' are much more thicker and
they are much more cheaper. =="
Besides for the 'Monster Combo Curry', they also prepare and
sell beef curry, Tempura Curry, Cheese Curry, etc... all sorts of curries.
Either ways, if you are think that you can eat a lot,
you probably might want to give the 'Monster Combo Curry' a try.

The name of the new Curry restaurant would be 'Monster Curry'.
And the above shows the branch that is located on Basement 4 of
'ION Orchard' shopping centre.

* Click here to find out more about 'ION Orchard'.


  1. Hi Nekyouto,

    Any idea why they stopped with GGC and switched to Monster Curry? I'd sure like to know.

  2. Probably due to the following reason:
    1) Singaporeans are pretty used to spicy curries
    2) You can easily get cheaper spicier curries nearby (Ex: Little India)
    3) 'Go Go Curry' branches @ ION Orchard and 313 Somerset ware located near a cheaper alternative... (Ex: Food Court)
    4) I think business for them isn't very good. Most of the them, I saw groups of people going for the Grand Slam individually or as a group. And you can easily find seats there.
    5) They are not making a lot of money? Especially when 'CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA' has a more accessible branch in 313 Somerset.

    Therefore, I think that's the main reason why they have take out 'Go Go Curry' and replace it with 'Monster Curry' that gives you 'Spicier' Options.