Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wala, Time for some good pratas....

Through the recommendations of my friends, I finally have the chance to give this place a try. I wanted to give this place a try much much earlier but it seems that either luck isn't on my side or much more people have idea as I do. Either ways...

Dinner is served...
'Ice Limau'
Nothing much I can describe about this drink except for
the part that it's very sour. I was expecting for a slice
of lemon to be added to this but I ended up getting a pure
lime juice. Crazily sour for a hot and humid weather.

'Dum Chicken Biryani'
I have ordered the 'Dum Chicken Biryani' as the main dish,
which also comes with 'Achar'(the vegetables), 'Sambar'
(the vegetables stew) and 'Papadum'(the cracker).

So what's a 'Dum Chicken Biryani'?
Basically a 'Dum Chicken Biryani' has a slight difference with
normal biryani. 'Dum Chicken Biryani' means that the chicken
meat and the Biryani rice would be cook and served together.
(Basically, all the 'Dum XXX Biryani' means that the XXX meat
and the biryani rice would be cook and served together.)

Taste wise, the taste of the thick 'Sambar' is pretty strong.
It's filled with a strong potato taste and I love it.
(Pretty ironic, I don't like 'French Fries' but I loved this.)
The crunchy 'Achar' is pretty fantastic too. (Especially when
lots of crunchy cucumber has been given. :P) The crunchy
'Papadum' is a big plus too though one slice isn't enough for me.
As for the biryani rice and the chicken, I personally find it
to be pretty normal only. Probably it would have taste much more
better if they have cook it for a bit more longer. Or perhaps
probably there are numerous complains that the biryani is too
hot to be eaten, therefore they have decided to...
Either ways, I miss the idea of having the 'Biryani RIce' with
some spicy curry and I think that I should try asking for some
spicy curry the next time round. :P (Hmmm... I wonder if I can
ask fore more biryani rice too...)

'Plain Prata'
This is one of the main reason why I have come to this place
for dinner. The 'Prata'. It seems that the 'prata' here is
one of the speciality of this place. (Even the name of the
place says so.) And it has really meet up to my expectations.
The 'prata' is very crispy. Although it's slightly a bit
smaller than normal 'pratas' but this is definitely one of
the crispiest one. The strong curry that comes with it, is
pretty tasty too. This makes me wonder if the other types
of 'pratas' are as good as this.

'Chilli Prata'
This is filled with green chillies. :D This is pretty interesting.
When I was looking at the item on the menu, I was wondering
if the prata is made up of a mixture of flour and grilled
chilli sauce. Never did I expect it to be green chillies.
Either ways, the prata still remains to be pretty crispy
and by adding green chillies can satisfy my fancy 'Chilli
desire'. (Note: this isn't very spicy, so go ahead give it a try.)

'Chicken Murtabak'
My opinion, please do not try to finish this alone. ==
I thought that I can finish a prata and a Murtabak easily,
but my jaws were dropping after taking a look at the Murtabak.
Although the size is pretty big, but luckily it isn't too
thick and the chef didn't stuff a lot of meat inside the
Murtabak. But they have stuffed a combination of spices,
chicken meat and a bit of vegetables inside the murtabak
in order for it to smells and taste good. :)
(Note: If you are a meat lover, go for the murtabak that
you can get at 'Spize'.)

So where to get all these tasty 'pratas'?
The name of the place would be 'Prata Wala'.
Although they only have 4 branches in Singapore but it seems
that they are expanding rapidly. (And the branch that I have
shown here would be the branch located on level 1 of 'Tiong Bahru Plaza'.)

  • It seems that the branch located at Jurong Point is the only branch that is opened 24/7. The other branches closes at either 10pm or 11pm. :(
* Click here for the website of 'Prata Wala'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Spize'.

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