Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rare kind of soup in Singapore

Probably I am not observant enough but it seems that the number of stalls that continues to make the following kind of soup is getting lesser and lesser. On top of the fact of it becoming lesser, the number of stalls that serve that delicious bowl of soup had greatly decrease in numbers. But, eventually I managed to find one of the better ones... Introducing...

Mutton Soup
One nice thing about the Mutton Soup that I had shown in the above, there isn't a strong pepperish taste in the soup. On top of that, the taste of the Mutton Soup is as strong as the 'Bak Kut Teh(肉骨茶)' that was served by 'Leong Kee (Klang) Bak Kut Teh(梁记(巴生)肉骨茶)', which was introduced in this blog a few weeks back. Trust me these were delicacies that one should only be eating once in a while. (I don't think you want to get Nose Bleeding every now and then right. :P) Besides for the taste, there isn't a lot of bones in a bowl of Mutton Soup which ties in with the concept of a bowl of soup very well. :D

The above would be a photo of the menu of the place.
Doesn't it look interesting? You can actually order a bowl of Mutton Soup that contains the Tripe(羊肚) or Tendon(羊脚筋) or even the Brain(羊脑) of a Lamb. Whahahahaha~~~~

So what is the stall behind this delicacy?

This would be the store behind the above delicacy.
The name of the stall would be 'Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup'.
It's located at Changi Village.

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  in this post.


I have written about a few different variants of Prawn Noodles a few weeks ago. Therefore I decided to write about a different type of Prawn Noodles or 'Fried Hokkien Mee'(炒福建蝦面).

Pictures first :D as usual...
A drier version of
'Fried Hokkien Mee'
If you prefer eating a plate of Noodles that comes with a bit of chewy touch,
this is for you. On top of the chewy taste of the Noodles,
the chef had also thrown in ingredients like Seafood and Vegetables
that blend with the Noodles pretty well and on top of the pointers
that was mentioned in the above, the Chilli blend in pretty well too. :D
(Too bad the stall doesn't provide unlimited flow of Chilli and Lime,
else I would be even more happier eating. :P)

So where is the stall located?

This would be the store that I had recommended in this post.
The name of the store would be 'Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee'.
It's located at one of the corners on the 2nd floor of Tiong Bahru Market.
Alternatively, take the escalator up to the 2nd floor of Tiong Bahru Market
and turn to your left. The stall would be on your left. :D

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Path to gorilla-ism?

What' Gorilla-ism and why Gorilla-ism? And top of all these questions, what does this word got to do with a food blog? This is because the mascot of the following restaurant was a Gorilla. XD

So lets take a closer look at the 'restaurant' first.

Go! Go! Curry! Restaurant
By taking a close look at the picture, you can
easily tell what type of food the place is selling.
And that would be...

The following would be the menu of Go! Go! Curry!.
They specialised in selling Japanese Curry Rice.
The following would be one of my favourite and
that would be...

On top of the big potion of rice and cabbages, it also have
a boiled egg, Sausages, Pork Katsu, Chicken Katsu, Fried Shrimp
and on top of all these ingredients, there's also a layer of
Sweet Japanese Curry on top of all these ingredients.

Although I have a passion for Chinese and Indian Curry, I also
love Japanese Curry too. What makes Japanese Curry indifferent
from normal Curry would be the sweet taste and the thickness
of the Curry, much is usually much more thicker than normal Curry.

So why a path to Gorilla-ism?
This is because the GRAND SLAM isn't a meal that a normal
individual can finish it alone. Unless... you are person like me?
A person with a amazingly big appetite. Whahaha~~~~~

Putting my appetite to a test
I can finish up the whole 'Grand Slam' without much difficulty.
As you can see, except for a few drips of Japanese curry, the
rest of the 'Grand Slam' had vanished. Whahahaha....
I had this thought of trying out the 'World Champion Curry Set'
by myself already.

Here's a fact.
GRAND SLAM isn't the biggest Go! Go! Curry! Set in
Singapore, the biggest Go! Go! Curry! set would be
the 'World Champion Curry Set', which is available
at the Go! Go! Curry! store at ION Orchard.

* Click here for the website of Go! Go! Curry! Singapore.
^ Click here for the website of Go! Go! Curry! Japan.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

What's for breakfast?

I think that Breakfast, probably the most important meal of the day should be something light and yet delicious, but what type of food can fall into a category that can be light and yet delicious? One of my favourite choice of Breakfast would be...

a bowl of Peanut Porridge.
Although it's known as 'Peanut Porridge', it isn't just a bowl
of plain porridge with peanuts sprinkled on top of it only.
Besides for the peanuts, ingredients included were sliced fish
cake and spring onions. Some stalls in Singapore also prepare
'Peanut Porridge' with Ikan Bilis also. As for myself, a bowl of
Porridge isn't just a bowl of healthy food only. It was also a
type of food that I can never resist. XD

Just look at the long queue, I simply can't believe my eyes.
The queue outside this stall doesn't seems to have an end to it.
And on top of it, rather than getting shorter and shorter, the
queue of the stall was becoming longer and longer... Unbelievable.

This would be the stall that sells the delicious bowl of Porridge
that I have introduced in this post. The name of the stall would
be 'Mei Jai Fried Bee Hoon' and it is located at Tanglin Halt Market.
Although, the stall specialised in preparing good fried rice and fried
noodles for Breakfast, I decided to give the peanut porridge a try.
Especially when the stall have designated a special queue for
customers buying Peanut Porridge only.:P

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Authentic way of preparing a bowl of porridge

In the older days, most of the famous porridge stalls tend to cook or prepare good delicious porridge using good charcoal. But with the use of charcoals and traditional stoves, fire tend to breakout easily. Since electrical and gas stove had been introduced to stall owners, lesser and lesser stalls have continued with the traditional way of cooking and preparing good delicious food using charcoals anymore. Today, I'm going to introduce to you to an eating place that continues to prepare good delicious porridge using charcoal like the older days.

As usual, photos first. :)

Mixed Pork Porridge (One of my favourite type of porridge)
Ingredients included are Pig Intestines, Liver, Sliced Meat, Minced Meat
and you are given a choice to have it with or without an egg.
Usually, I will place an order for a bowl of Mixed Pork Porridge
with an egg. This is because...

I'm not sure how the the chef prepare the egg yolk but
it always turn out to be slightly a bit hard on the
outside yet remains to be watery in the inside.
Hence, I will always break the egg yolk and mixed it
into the porridge, which means it ultra yummy. :D

So what other porridge do they offer?
This would be the menu of the place.
Besides for Pork Porridge, they also serve
Century Egg Porridge, Fish Porridge and
side dishes like Raw Fish, Sliced Fish Soup, etc. :)

So what place is this?
The name of the place would be 'Ah Chang Porridge'(阿昌粥).
It's located near Tiong Bahru Market. They are open for
business from 11am in the morning till 9pm at night.
And the late breakfast and lunch crowd was unbelievably crazy.

* Click here for the exact address of 'Ah Chang Porridge'(阿昌粥).

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Great Wall of Chinatown...???

There is a place or a restaurant that was also known as the Great Wall of Chinatown. That was the same place that have been around as far as I can remember. It has been a good place for late night gatherings, refreshing dinners and also a good spot for taking a break from all the crazy walks.

So what type of food does this place specialised in?
They serve budget friendly and delicious 'Frog Legs Porridge'.
A small pot of 'Frog Legs Porridge' is equilvalent to 3 bowls of
'Frog Legs Porridge', so if you are not confident enough, please
do not try to be funny and place an order for a small pot of
'Frog Legs Porridge'.

Slices of Raw Fish
This was one of our favourite side dish.
The owners were pretty generous when it comes to the potion.
And the taste was slightly a bit different from the Japanese
Sashimi that we usually eat. When you eat it with both ginger
and sliced chilli, the taste of the Raw Fish becomes heavenly. :P
(Drooling again...)

A cube of Braised Beancurd
I wanted to place an order for the Fried Pig Intestines,
but it was sold out. Same goes for the Braised Pig Intestines.
Hence, I ended up trying a cube of Braised Beancurd.
Although the Beancurd might not taste as fantastic as the
Pig Intestines but this fit my motive of making a trip to
the place today. I wanted to have a slightly less sinful dinner,
especially when I have been having numerous meatful meals for
the past few days.

The above would be the menu of the Great Wall of Chinatown. :D

Below the menu would be a board indicating the next off day
of the place. As for the Chinese writings on board, it simply
means that they will be closed on a Monday for every 2 weeks.

This would be the exterior of the place.
It's located along New Bridge Road and its within
5-10 minutes walking distance from Chinatown MRT station.

So what is the link between this place and the Great Wall?
The name of this place is known as 'Tiong Shian Porridge Centre(長城粥品)'.
And the Great Wall of China is known as '萬里長城' in Chinese. Hence,
as both the Great Wall and this place have the word '長城' in it,
that is the reason why I called it the Great Wall of Chinatown.
In fact you can find a picture of the Great Wall of China next to the
words '長城' in the place itself.

NoteS about the place:
  • If you can't find seats on the first floor, you can try looking for seats on the second floor of the place.
  • This place was opened from early morning all the way to the middle of the night. If I'm not mistaken, I think they are opened for business 24/7 except for the off day that occurs on a Monday every fortnightly.

* Click here for the location of the 'Tiong Shian Porridge Centre(長城粥品)'.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A unique restaurant name that doesn't match....

Sometimes the name of the store would be used as a representative element to reflect the type of cuisine or food that the place is selling. For example: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) sells Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut sells pizzas, Burger King sells Burgers, etc. Although there are instance where the restaurant name was probably named after the founder of the restaurant, for example: Mcdonalds, Carls Jr., etc, but it's pretty rare for you to find a restaurant name that is not related to the type of food that they are selling.

One such instance would be...

Just by taking a look at the name alone, one would probably think that they
are serving spicy western food, probably pizza with tabasco or Jalapeno chillis,
spicy fries or probably some other spicy main dish.

After stepping into the restaurant, you can easily spot a bar counter inside the place. Hmm..... I wonder do they serve spicy beverages...? (Just Joking :P)

This would be one of the speciality of the place.
Grilled Baby Back Ribs.
Trust me, if you are very hungry, you can try going for one full rack of
'Grilled Baby Back Ribs'. 2 side dishes will be given for free when you
place an order for most of the main course. And if you are a big fan of
'Mashed Potato', you must definitely try the side dish
'Mashed potato with black pepper gravy'.
It's definitely one of the best 'Mashed Potato' that I have tasted so far.:D

The also serve fantastic steaks like the above.
On the left: Tenderloin Steak with side dishes
On the Right: Flame-Grilled Ribeye with side dishes

After flipping through the menu numerous times, I still can't figure out the relationship between the restaurant name with the food that they are serving. This makes me wonder how did they come up with the idea of giving the restaurant a name such as 'Chili's'. :|

* Click here for the website of 'Chili's' Singapore.

A tray of fish

Nope, there isn't a grammar mistake and it's neither a school of fish nor a plate of fish but it is really a tray of fish. I know it sounds kinda funny, but it is really a tray of fish. :D

Let's take a look at the images first.

For most of my meals, I will either choose to have Tea or some other
beverages that are non fizzy. Hence I have decided to place an order
for a pot of Chinese 'Pu-Er' Tea.

...Here goes the main dish of the day. :D

Here you go... a tray of fish. :D...
Did I heard someone complaining that the picture isn't clear enough?

A closer look at the dish.
I have choose to place an order for a 'Grilled Golden Snapper'
to be cooked in 'Sichuan Ma La' style. The soup of the dish looks
interesting. I wonder how will it really taste like. :D
And by the way, this dish doesn't contains the 'grilled fish' only.
It also includes vegetables like cabbage, celery, mushroom... etc.

Oh by the way, I think I have forgotten to mention the point that
you can select the level of spiciness that the 'Grilled Fish' can be.
As for myself, I have chosen the middle spicy and I already loved it.
I wonder how fantastic the most spiciest 'Grilled Fish' will taste like. :D

The above will be pictures of menu of the place.

So where exactly is the name of the place an where is it located?
This would be the restaurant behind the dish in the above.
The name of the restaurant would be 'Chong Qing Grilled Fish'.
Currently they have 2 branches in Singapore.
One of them is located in Mosque Street, which is
somewhere in Chinatown while the other branch was
located in Liang Seah Street.

* Click here for the website of 'Chong Qing Grilled Fish'.
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