Wednesday, 31 October 2012

When T meets Beancurd...

As I move from a Hawker Centre to another, I always keep a lookout for desserts. And since beancurd seems to be a new trend nowadays, which is pretty much similar to the bubble tea burst in the market back then, it seems that one wouldn't have any difficulty in finding and locating a beancurd stall nearby. Here comes today's special...

'Earl Grey Beancurd'
Back then, we are getting the normal beancurd and we are slowly
progressing towards beancurd with fruit fragrance. Just when we think
that that's the furthest they can go, we are getting beancurd with
natural ingredients like almonds and rose. However, that isn't everything.
Now we are getting 'Earl Grey Beancurd'. It comes with a pretty strong
'Earl Grey' aroma when you put a spoonful of 'beancurd' into your mouth.
Though the texture isn't as good as some of the competitors out there,
but a plus(+) will be given to this stall for the interesting new idea.
(Hmm... I wonder if anyone could come up with '8 Treasure Tea' beancurd...)

So where can you give this 'Earl Grey' beancurd a try?

The name of this stall would be 'Beans Fragrance'(豆香).
It is located in the village of 'A'.

  • Operating Hours: 7am - 8:30pm daily

* Click here for the map of 'Alexandra Village Hawker Centre'.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that can be found in 'A' village.

T Time...

I have been consistently having Chinese Tea for the past 10 years or so. Once in a while, I will still miss the good old days of drinking Tea with a bit of Milk, therefore...

(Left) 'Tea'
In Singapore, usually if you have been hanging out at a traditional
coffee shop for too long, you would naturally learn about all the
'Hokkien' terms for all the various types of 'Tea'. For example:
some of my favourites would be 'Teh' (Tea with sugar and milk),
'Teh-O' (Tea with sugar), 'Teh-O peng' (Ice Tea with sugar), etc...
(You can take a look at the link that I have provided below. :D)
I just kinda miss all these 'Tea' that are serve in these white
coloured cups. The nostalgic feeling will always be there.

(Right) 'Kaya Toast'
As far as I can remember, 'Kaya Toast' used to be pretty much the
same as what I have shown in the above. The bread are mostly white
in colour and there are toast stains printed all around the bread.
Though the bread isn't as crispy as those from the infamous
'Ya Kun bread' but it's much more affordable and the taste of the
'Kaya Toast' is pretty good too. The sweetness of the thick 'Kaya'
spread are simple unforgettable. :P

So where can you enjoy the delicious 'Kaya Toast' and 'Tea'?

The name of this stall would be 'Wu Shi Nian Dai (五十年代)'.
It's located on level 2 of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

  • Though I'm not certain what are their operating hours, however you can't get the 'Kaya Toast' from 3 pm onwards. So if you want to try their 'Kaya Toasy', you probably want to pop by early. :P

* Click here for the comprehensive list of 'Tea' that you can order from a Singapore
  traditional coffee shop.
^ Click here for the location of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre' on Google Maps.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ideal Queueing Method...

It was a pretty bright and sunny afternoon and I was walking around the Chinatown area. And then the thought of having some 'Dim Sum' for lunch struck me. Hence I decided to try my luck around that area and...

I saw a queue of people waiting and standing outside a 'Dim Sum' stall,
therefore I decided to join the queue. Luckily, a friendly customer
standing in front of us told us that we have to take a queue number.
Once the electronic board outside the stall started flashing out your
queue number, then you can start ordering the 'Dim Sum' and pay for it.
I think that this is an ingenious idea. Especially when I knew that some
people just simply don't like the idea of queueing and by utilising this
'System', you can have a proper meal nearby while waiting for your turn
to order some indulging 'Dim Sum'. :D

'Dim Sum'
Thought this stall only serve 6 different types of 'Dim Sum', but the
variety is more than enough. (I would prefer a stall that sells limited
selections of indulging 'Dim Sum' rather than a stall that sells a large
variety of 'Dim Sum' but none of them tastes good.)

(Left) 'Chee Cheong Fun'(豬腸粉)
The taste of the 'Chee Cheong Fun' is pretty acceptable. The texture of
the rice roll are pretty smooth and the generous serving of 'Char Siew',
also known as barbecue pork slices, was a pretty neat move. Though the
taste of it isn't fantastically wonderful, however you are buying good
'Dim Sum' with a relatively low price.

(Right Top) 'Siew Mai'(燒賣)
As for the 'Siew Mai', the taste isn't exciting enough, however similar
to what I have stated in the above, you are buying good 'Dim Sum' with
a relatively low price. So don't ask for too much. :D

(Right Middle) 'Har Kow'(蝦餃)
This is the most exciting item that I have tried that day. The skin of
the 'Har Kow' isn't too thick nor too thin. In fact, if you have taken
a closer look at the 'Har Kow', due to the amount of prawns that was
stuffed into the 'Dim Sum', the 'Har Kow' is reflecting a strong 'beige'
colour. As you started popping one of the 'Har Kow' into your mouth, the
prawns will start to dance inside your mouth and the taste is amazingly
good. This is one of the items that one should really try.

So where can you try all these 'Dim Sum'?

The name of the 'Dim Sum' stall would be 'Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum'
(香港旺角點心). It's located on level 2 of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11am till everything have been sold out
    (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • Another speciality of this stall would most likely be the 'Char Siew Pau'(叉烧包). I probably would give it a try when I have the time. :P

* Click here for the location of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

Family Restaurant

I was thinking of going to 'Liang Court' for some Japanese food, but I was passing by 'Central Shopping Mall' and I recalled that there was this new 'Western Food Restaurant' in the basement. Therefore...

'Choco Almond Dessert Pizza'
This is the first time I'm trying a Pizza covered with Chocolate,
Almonds, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow. The strong Chocolate aroma
smell reminds me of the Chocolate factory at Jurong Area. The aroma
is simply too overpowering. The friendly waitress was asking if the
pizza should be served before or after my main course since it was
suppose to be a dessert. I should have listen to her advice.
Although it's a 7' pizza, however the amount of ingredients that was
sprinkled on top of the pizza were too thick. After spending around
15~20 minutes gobbling down the whole pizza, I was full, too full.
The thick peanut butter paste + Chocolate combination were crazily
filling, sweet and tasty. It's so filling that to some extent, I
almost had difficulty finishing everything.

'Chicken Ball Panini Set Meal'
The set meal comes with a basket of 'Fries' and a burger-alike
'Panini'. It's pretty much similar to a burger, but the bread
used to wrap all the meat together are slightly a bit different.
Although you can request for 'Tartar sauce' and 'Chilli sauce',
however the taste of the 'Fries' are too salty and even with
the help of the 'Tartar sauce', it couldn't help much. ==""

'Chicken Ball Panini'
Though the texture of the 'Panini' is pretty unique, however the
burger is slightly a bit too meaty. Besides for the meaty issue,
I think that the meat are slightly a bit too dry. It would taste
even much more better if they can add a bit of sauce and a bit more
vegetables in between the 'bread'. However when I tried to compare
it to the 'Choco Almond Dessert Pizza', I think that the 'Choco
Almond Dessert Pizza' would be a much wiser choice. :P

So where can you try all the yummy stuff that I have listed in this post.

The name of this restaurant would be 'Vivo - American Pizza & Panini'.
It's located on basement 1 of 'Central Shopping Mall'.

  • Operating Hours: Till 10pm daily
* Click here to find out more about 'Vivo - American Pizza & Panini'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Central Shopping Mall'.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Central Shopping Mall'.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

I was thinking of having my dinner at 'Yayoi Ken' the other day. However, a new Sushi stall that was opened on the same level have attracted my attention.

The above shows the newly opened Japanese Sushi
restaurant 'Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru' that was located
on basement 1 of 'Liang Court Shopping Centre'.
The main branch of the restaurant was located in
'Shizuoka' prefecture, 'Numazu' city.

Listed below would be my dinner of the other day.

'Plain Udon'
Due to numerous reasons, I don't really like 'Udon'.
However, the 'Udon' over here isn't too fat and the size
of it is pretty similar to 'Soba', which is much more thinner
and much more easier to savour. Besides for the texture, the
taste of the 'Udon' over here is pretty tasty too. XD

By topping up a bit more money, you can change the 'Udon' into
a set meal that comes with a tray of 'Sushi'. The tray of 'Sushi'
is compromise of a 'Prawn Sushi', a 'Egg Sushi', a 'Salmon Sushi',
'Tuna Sushi', 'Vinegar Gizzard Shad Sushi', 'Raw Octopus Arm Sushi'
and 'Beancurd Sushi'. The ingredients used in the 'Sushi' were pretty
fresh and the balance between the rice and the 'Sushi' were maintained
properly, which makes it ultra Yummy. XD

'Big Sea Eel Sushi'
Besides for the common Sushi, they also serve those rare and special
types of 'Sushi'. For example: 'Big Sea Eel Sushi', 'Seared Pacific
Bluefin Fat Tuna Sushi', etc... By the way, the size of the 'Big Sea
Eel Sushi' is slightly a bit too big to be eaten in one bite... =="""

They also have a menu for the daily speciality/recommendations.
Shown in the above, 'Shark Skin Flounder Sushi'(Right), 'Raw Octopus
Arm Sushi'(Left Bottom) and 'Cucumber Sushi'(Left Top). In fact, I
love 'Cucumber Sushi' not just for the relatively low price only, the
refreshing sensation of the 'Sushi' is pretty good too. :D

'Japanese Omelette (Cod Roe)'
Besides for 'Sushi', they also serve a variety of 'Japanese
Omelette' too. Ex: Cheese flavoured, Cod Roe flavoured, etc...
I have given the 'Cod Roe' Japanese Omelette a try and the
amount of 'Cod Roe' that was added were pretty generous, the size
of the 'Omelette' was pretty fat, the texture is soft and
not forgetting delicious too.

'Kakigoori Uji Kintoki'
(Shaved Ice with Azuki Bean Paste and Green Tea Syrup)
After having a delicious meal, a good dessert would be needed.
The Shaved Ice were pretty much similar to those of Japan,
which is a big Plus(+).

For the price that you are paying and the ingredients that were used,
I think that this 'Sushi Restaurant' is pretty good. Please give it
a try if you happen to pop by that area. :D

Operating Hours:
  • 11am - 9:50pm

* Click here for the website of 'Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru' restaurant in Japan. (In Japanese)
^ Click here to find out more about 'Liang Court'.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Fine grain of ice...

Since I'm going to take a stroll along Singapore River and it just so happen that there isn't a queue outside this place, therefore I think that it's time for me to give the Ice Cream over here a try.

Ice cream cone with 2 scoops of ice cream
(Choice of flavours - Pocari Sweat and Lychee Sorbet)
Though the look of it seems to be pretty normal and common, but the
texture of the ice cream are pretty interesting. Unlike the normal
ice cream which is pretty smooth, the ice cream over here is not just
icy, it's pretty 'sandy' too. It's like a big piece of ice that was
broken down into smaller grains. Yet at the same time, it melts faster
than the normal ice and much more tastier too. Anyway, taste wise,
the taste of the ice cream over here are pretty good. In fact, it
will taste even much more better it you have gone for flavours like
'Lemon Sorbet', 'Lychee Sorbet', 'Pocari Sweat', etc... or basically
flavours that gives you the cooling sensation that can blend with the
texture of the ice cream much more better, I think. :P

So where can you try the ice cream?

The name of this Ice Cream shop would be 'Haato'.
They have a few branches in Singapore and the above shows the
branch located on level 1 of 'Central Shopping Mal'.

* Click here to find out more about 'Haato Ice Cream'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Central Shopping Mall'.
~ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Central Shopping Mall'.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Just one of those rainy days

Well, let's face the fact. When it comes to rainy days and you are stuck in a food centre, what could one do? As for my case, I would probably go with the option of eating. :P Therefore...

'Char Siew Rice', also known as 'Barbecued Pork Rice'
Though that is the kind of weather that one should be eating and enjoying
spicy food, but though I love spicy stuff but I think I should give something
new a try too. Therefore, time for some 'Char Siew Rice'.

Usually when you order a plate of 'Char Siew Rice', the stall owner would
arrange the meat and the vegetables nicely. However, over here, the simple
plate of 'Char Siew Rice' looks like a complete mess. But, by having it this
way, you can save a bit of time mixing and stirring all the ingredients.

Taste wise, the 'Char Siew' meat is pretty tender and juicy. And when you
have it with a bit of rice and a bit of cucumber, the feeling would be
pretty good. (By the way, don't forget to dip or pour the chilli onto the
'Char Siew' meat. You will be amazed how well they can blend together.)

So where can you give the 'Char Siew Rice' a try?

The name of this stall would be 'Outram Park Roasted Meat'(歐南園燒臘).
It's located on level 2 of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours:
    11am - 7pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

* Click here for the location of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

Kill Chicken or Q Chicken?

When you are travelling to Singapore, there are a list of food that you must give it a try. It can be cheap delicacies like 'Laksa', 'Chicken Rice', etc... or expensive stuff like 'Chilli Crab', 'Fish Head Curry', etc... Therefore the topic today will be...

'Soya Sauce Chicken Rice'
The infamous type of 'Chicken Rice' that you can find in Singapore would
most likely be 'Hainanese Chicken Rice'. (It's the white coloured Chicken.)
However, that isn't everything. In fact, there are a lot of variety of
'Chicken' out there in the food centre of Singapore. There's 'Kampong
Chicken', 'Curry Chicken', 'Soya Sauce Chicken', etc...

So what's so special about the 'Soya Sauce Chicken Rice' over here?
Firstly, the meat isn't too stiff and the amount of tenderness are on
par with the 'Hainanese Chicken Rice'. However, it's slightly a bit more
salty. Secondly, the sweet soya sauce that were poured onto the rice were
good enough in helping you to finish your rice. To some extent, I don't
feel like touching the 'Chicken' meat at all, especially when the
'Chicken' comes with bones. =.= Third but not least, the relatively
low price. For less than S$3, you can get a delicious plate of 'Chicken'
rice. Beat that if you can. However...

all good things come with a price. The queue for this 'Chicken Rice'
can be pretty nasty. I saw customers ordering more than 10 plates of
'Chicken Rice' at one go. Therefore, if you want to queue up for the
good food, please be mentally prepared...

So where can you give the 'Chicken Rice' a try?

The name of this stall would be 'Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodles'
(香港油鸡饭面). It's located on level 2 of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours:
    10am - 8pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
    (Closing time subject to change if all the 'Chicken' have been sold out.)

* Click here for the location of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Don't need to queue up for a bowl of noodles? Think again...

From time to time, I will be desperately looking for delicious noodles stall to try. Since I'm staying near a handful of food centre, I decided to randomly select one of them and go in and try my luck.

'Minced Meat Noodles'
For a relatively low price that I'm paying, I'm getting a
decent bowl of 'Minced Meat Noodles' with lots of ingredients.

Just for the bowl of noodles alone, you are getting ingredients like
slices Fish Cake, minced meat, mushrooms, vegetables and big pieces of
fried lard. Taste wise, the noodles are pretty tasty and the stall
owner had maintain the balance between the noodles and the sauce. Most
importantly the noodles isn't too soggy. Ingredients wise, though
most of them are very tasty, but my favourite would be the big pieces
of crispy deep fried lard.

So where can you try the noodles?

The name of the stall would be 'Teochew Street Mushroom Mince Meat Noodles'
(潮洲街香菇肉脞麵). It's located on level 2 of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

  • Operating Hours:
    12:30am - 9pm
    (Tue - Wed, Fri - Sun)
    (Closed on Mondays and Thursday)
  • The queue can be pretty nasty regardless of the peak or off peak dining hours. I started queueing up at around 5pm and I ended up queueing for more than 20 minutes the other time round.

* Click here for the location of 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Chinatown Complex Food Centre'.

Monday, 22 October 2012


As it had been raining nonstop last weekend, therefore...

'Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu'
{Left} Sukiyaki soup base - slightly a bit salty and sweet.
{Right} Soy Milk Miso - slightly a bit boring...
Over here, they are providing you unlimited servings of Beef,
Pork and Chicken meat slices. The meat slices that you are
getting over here are pretty much similar with what you will
be getting in Japan. You will be given thin slices of meat
that can be cookwd within a shorter period of time and it can
also absorb the taste of the soup even much more better.
Besides for the generous servings of meat, they have set aside
all the other ingredients at a counter. You can pick up all
sorts of vegetables, mushrooms, fish meat, beancurd, etc...
from the counter.

'Ice Cream'
After having too much food, it's time to give the 'Ice Cream'
a try. They are providing 'Vanilla' and 'Chocolate' 'Ice Cream'
over here. After spending an amount of time squeezing out all
the 'Ice Cream' that you want, you can add various types of
toppings to it, which makes it much more prettier and tastier. XD

The name of the restaurant would be 'Sukiya'.
It specializing in Japanese 'Sukiyaki' & 'Shabu Shabu'.
It have numerous outlets in Singapore and what I have
shown here would be the 'Bugis+' outlet.

* Click here to find out more about the restaurant 'Sukiya'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'Bugis+'.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

First attempt at Laksa Steamboat XD

For my entire life, I have been trying numerous type of steamboat with a variety of soup bases. It can either be spicy soup base like 'Tom Yum', 'Si Chuan Ma La' and non spicy soup base like 'Herbal Chicken', 'Chrysanthemum', etc. Despite having and trying so many different types of steamboat, my interest for it doesn't seems to decrease. Therefore ever since I pass by a steamboat restaurant offering 'Laksa' soup base steamboat, I told myself that I should give it a try someday. And it so so happen that someday appears to be pretty soon...

Steamboat with 'Laksa' base and 'Chicken Soup' base
Although they are only providing ala-carte style steamboat over here,
but we are having lots of fun too. After placing an order for more than
20 different types of ingredients, we were sitting around the spacious
round table with a steamboat pot in the middle, chatting away. (In fact
to some extent, the table was so spacious that there were a few moments
where all of us were standing up cooking and scooping out the ingredients
from the pot. :P) Anyway, the price that you are paying for each and
every plate of ingredients were pretty reasonable and the ingredients were
pretty fresh. On top of that, though they are not providing all the
ingredients at a corner of the restaurant, but at least this can keep the
amount of food wastage to the minimum and the freshness of the ingredients
to the maximum. Either ways, time for some food tasting.

Although the soup is meant to be for cooking the raw ingredients, but we
have thrown Noodles and Rice Vermicelli into the pot too. Trust me, this
is something that one must try over here. The standards for the 'Laksa'
soup base is pretty high. It's pretty sweet and delicious. I think I have
drank more than 4 or 5 bowls of soup with lots of different kinds of
ingredients. This is simply pretty much similar to a 'Laksa' buffet with
the idea of mix and match all the ingredients you want. XD

'Ice Jelly with Honey and Lime'
After giving this sinful steamboat a try, we might have spent an hour or
so chatting none stop and through my friends recommendation, I decided to
give this dessert a try. The refreshing sensation that you will be getting
from the dessert after giving the 'Laksa' steamboat a try is unbeatable.

So where can you give this 'Laksa' steamboat a try?

The name of this restaurant would be 'San Laksa steamboat'. Their
main branch is located along 'Telok Blangah Road', but what I have shown
here would be the newer branch that was located along 'Pasir Panjang Road'.

  • Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm
  • The main branch seems to be crazily crowded most of the time, therefore you probably might want to give the branch located along 'Pasir Panjang Road' a try, which is also less crowded, since it's open less than 2 months ago.
* Click here to find out more about 'San Laksa steamboat'.
^ Click here for the Facebook Fan Page of 'San Laksa steamboat'.
~ Click here for the location of the newer branch on Google Maps.

Friday, 19 October 2012

A meal for the hungry me.

Since I'm staying near Chinatown area, I tend to give some of the restaurants over there once in a while. As for the other day, I decided to give this restaurant a try.

Okay that would be my dinner for that day.
Though I wanted to try the set meals that they are offering, but I
ended up placing an order for one of the set meal, a bowl of Noodles,
a basket of 'Dumplings' and a mug? of Chinese Tea.

Mug of Chinese Tea
I guess that they are pretty used with customers going there for beer,
therefore that was the main reason for the mug... Either ways, the tea
isn't something special, but It's the mug that adds a pinch of laughter. XD

'Soup Dumplings'(小籠包)
Though the skin is pretty soft, but it's slightly a bit too thick.
Therefore this has reduce the amount of ingredients that can be stuffed
into the 'Soup Dumplings', which also cause the taste to be pretty 'normal'.

'Lemon Chicken Set Meal'(Left)
First of all, I think that the set meal that they are offering over
here are considerably good. It comes with a plate of fried vegetables,
a small portion of pickles and a main dish. The stir fried vegetables
are simply too plain to me. It will taste even better if they can
add a bit more oyster sauce. :P As for the main dish, 'Lemon Chicken',
it's basically a plate of fried chicken and a plate of lemon sauce.
Not sure why they have chosen the step of separating the sauce and
the meat, but the fried chicken is pretty crispy and the lemon sauce
is pretty thick. Though the overall taste of the lemon chicken is
good but I think that it could taste even much more better if they
have mixed the chicken and the lemon sauce up front.

'Zha Jiang Mian'(炸酱面)(right)
In fact, I personally felt that I have ordered too much food that
night. Just the set meal alone was fulling enough, but since I have
ordered this, I should try my best in finishing everything. After
having my first bite, the taste of the 'Zha Jiang Mian' was amazingly
good. The amount of meaty sauce that was poured into the bowl were
pretty okay. Though it's slightly a bit salty, but the portion of
sauce that were given isn't too much nor too little, just the correct
amount of sauce. :D As I continued to savour the noodles, the cooling
sensation of the cucumber would be something that couldn't be missed.
In fact it's the delicious taste that was combined from the noodles
and the rest of the ingredients that keeps me going on and on till the
very last drop of the sauce. :P

So where can you give all the food listed in the above a try?

The name of this Chinese restaurant would be 'Zhong Hua Qing Zhong Guo
Cai Guan'(中華情中國菜館). It's located along 'New Bridge Road'.

* Click here for the location of 'Zhong Hua Qing Zhong Guo Cai Guan'(中華情中國菜館).
^ Click here for the list of delicacy located along 'New Bridge Road'.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Not so Korean, Korean Food

A continuation from the previous post. Though I have go ahead with the Taiwanese Chicken, but probably because of the fact that I didn't try the Bento set, therefore I'm still pretty hungry. So...

'Hotplate Chicken and Saba Fish Set'
Though the name of the shop and the food looks 'Korean', but if you
replace the silver utensils with a plastic utensils, it actually looks
like the normal hotplate food that one can get from a Chinese or
Japanese restaurant. Oh by the way, since this is a small little stall,
you are actually expected to grab your utensils and a small plate of
'Kim Chi' and 'Anchovy' from a table near the counter. (By the way,
they are providing 2 different types of chopsticks over here. One would
be the thin type that you can getting at a 'Korean' restaurant and the
other type would be the normal Chinese chopsticks.)

Moving back to food tasting, the taste of the side dish is pretty normal.
However, the ingredients in the hot plate is considerably good. Though
the vegetables are slightly a bit overcook and a bit soggy, but since
the taste of the vegetables were overpowered by the sauce, one could
finish the whole plate of vegetables without any difficulties. Next, the
hot plate chicken is pretty tasty. It's neither too salty nor burnt.
And for some reason, the chef have managed to blend the taste of the
chicken and the taste of the sauce together, which makes it even better.
As for the fish, I think it's slightly a bit overcook and since it's
'Saba'(Mackerel) fish, therefore one has to spend a bit of time struggling
with the bones of the fish. By the way, the Sunshine Egg is a add-on to
the set meal. And I didn't expect it to be this good. The egg is slightly
a bit watery and dipping the chicken into the egg yolk is a complete
Plus(+). Do give this stall a try, if you happen to be popping by
that area.

So where can you give the food a try?

The name of the stall would be 'Sun Korean Food'.
It's located in basement 1 of 'Central Shopping Mall'.

  • Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm
  • Probably because of the offices upstairs, therefore the crowd at this stall can be pretty nasty. Therefore, either go to this stall earlier or later to avoid the Lunch and Dinner crowd.
* Click here to find out more about 'Central Shopping Mall'.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that can be found in 'Central Shopping Mall'.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bento from Taiwan

After having a hearty meal at Chinatown area, we decided to make our way to the next MRT station nearby. Since it's located beneath a shopping mall, we decided to go ahead with a bit of window shopping. :P (Though it's pretty late already and most of the shops are closed, but we still can catch a glimpse of the interior of some of the shops in the building.) In fact, my friend had recommended us to a shop that he thinks that the taste is pretty much similar to the stuff that he's getting in Taiwan, therefore...

I decided to give it a try the following day.
Left: 'Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken'(台灣香酥雞)
Right: 'Taiwanese Style Bubble Tea'
For the fried chicken, though it looks like a pretty small packet
of chicken, but looks can be deceiving. Though this is my first
attempt with the food at this stall, but the overall experience is
pretty good. Firstly, the chicken meat is pretty tender and juicy.
Secondly, unlike some of the Taiwanese stalls out there selling
Taiwanese delicacy, that amount of salt that was added to the chicken
over here is pretty acceptable. Most importantly, it isn't crazily
salty. Last but not least, the taste of the chicken meat is delicious.
Though the packet of chicken is pretty small, but probably the taste
of the Chicken is so good that I finish the whole packet within a
minute or so. :P

Drinks wise, it's pretty normal, but if you are going to give it
a try, you probably can try requesting for a cup of Bubble Tea
with much lesser ice. (So that you wouldn't be having a hard time
sucking all the jellies...)

So where can you give the delicious Taiwanese Chicken a try?

The name of the stall would be 'Taiwan Bento'(臺灣便當).
It's located in basement 1 of 'Central Shopping Mall'.

  • Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm
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