Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ayam Penyet - 'Rahiman Chicken Rice Store' @ SGH (Singapore General Hospital)

My friends had recently told me that there is this store in SGH, where they serving Ayam Penyet with very spicy chilli. Being a big fan of spicy food, how can I resist the challenge? :P

This was a photo of the store located in SGH.

I can't wait to try it... Although it looks simple and ordinary,
do not underestimate the spiciness of the chilli.

I should really stop taking these photos and start digging in.

After eating, I think I should describe the taste of the chilli to be similar to a fire spark. One would ask, why is it a fire spark? This is because you can only sense the spiciness of the chilli when you put it into your mouth. The spicy taste will gradually die out as you chew more. Hence, I consider the taste of the chilli to be similar to a fire spark.

Anyway, here's the address of the store and 'Rahiman Chicken Rice Store' is located inside the 'Kopitiam' Food Court.
Outram Road, Blk 6 Level 1 Singapore General Hospital, Singapore 169608

Sunday, 26 June 2011

'Cold Stone' at Orchard Central

As the weather recently had become warmer and warmer, I decided to have nice cold dessert for a change. While thinking of a place to go, I suddenly remembered that I had been making frequent visits to Orchard Central recently and a long queue was always spotted outside 'Cold Stone'.

Nope, I am not talking about the celebrity 'Stone Cold' but...

this dessert store 'Cold Stone Creamery'.
Click here to find out more.

But before I start showing you more photos of 'Cold Stone',
let me show you photos of my dinner first. And its...

Tonkichi again. :D This is one of the reason why I have
been visiting Orchard Central over and over again.
Click here to find out more.

My dinner includes of..


Let's take a closer look. :D

As this is something new that Tonkichi is offering, I decided to give it a try.
After trying, I still prefer the normal Tonkatsu.

How could an individual leave Tonkichi without eating the Deep Fried Oyster?

Last and not least, the meal comes with a Dobinmushi,
which is soup with ingredients but serve inside a teapot
and you are suppose to drink the soup using the small tea cup.

After having a delicious meal at Tonkichi, let's proceed to 'Cold Stone'...

As usual, there's always a Q from the counter to the outdoors...

Although, the place doesn't have a lot of seats, but I love the atmosphere of the place.
Especially when this is the first time I had seen an ice-cream shop,
where the staff were playing and throwing scoops of ice-cream around.
Best of all, they seems to be enjoying themselves.

They have much more seats at the back of the store.

I decided to choose the 'Banana Caramel Crunch®' from
one of the 'Signature Creations' of 'Cold Stone'.
Reason: because its one of the few selections that
comes with Almonds and doesn't comes with chocolates. :D

The taste is pretty okay. But, when I was enjoying the ice cream and the waffles,
I overheard the conversation of the table next to me and they were mentioning that the
main reason why they keep going back to 'Cold Stone' was due to the waffles of the place.

Well, after having the ice-cream at 'Cold Stone', I finally understand the reason behind the long queue outside 'Cold Stone' and if you are thinking of going there, I would recommend you to go in the afternoon as the queue in the afternoon is much shorter as compared to the one at night.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Delicious Bites @ Changi Village

If you have being following my series of post on my blogs, I was cycling from East Coast Park to Changi Village a few weeks ago. Hence, I decided to gather some of my friends and went to Changi Village for a delicious dinner. Since, the location of Changi Village was located next to the sea, it would probably be one of the places in Singapore where you can get delicious seafood at a more affordable and reasonable price. Despite of the low price, the taste and standards of the seafood were pretty high also.

Let's take a look at the images that I have taken that day:

Yummy Yummy, When it comes to seafood in Singapore, most of the time unless you
try asking, otherwise the most common way of cooking it would be with Sambal Chilli.

Its chewy chewy and you can eat and swallow it, unlike a chewing gum.
Although I'm not a very big seafood fan,
having a meal like this once in a while is pretty alright. :D

I love Sambal Stringrays. In the past before ABC Market located at Bukit Merah
undergo the major renovations, it used to serve one of the best Stringray
in Singapore. But, after making a trip there recently, it seems that the
store had relocated to another location and I can't find it in the market anymore. :(

Wao~~~~ one big plate of Cockles at a price of SGD$5. Fantastic
and this meal is getting more and more heavenly. Speaking of Cockles,
I will never forget about this post from Mr Brown blogspot.

Lalala...... Samabl Lala, another seafood dish that I loved.
In fact I love all the seafood that have a shell. For example,
Cockles (Hum), Clams (Lala), Mussels (Dua Tao), etc.

Besides all the Spicy seafood, we have also tried the seafood omelette.
This is pretty normal except for the choice of ingredients inside the
omelette, which make it pretty tasty.

Not just a normal coconut drink that was poured into a cup but
a real coconut that the owner of the stall cut it open in front of me.

We have also tried other delicacy like Sambal Kangkong and Satay,
but I had completely forgotten about the step of taking photos. TT.TT.

I would highly recommend you to cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Village to have your meal there before making your way back to East Coast Park.
Similarly, one of the best way to Changi Village would be the step of taking a MRT train and alight at Tanah Merah Station before changing to bus No. 2 and alight at the last stop.

Click here to find more about the seafood store that I had tried in Changi Village.
Click here to find out more about East Coast Park and Changi Village.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A taste that you grow up with.... :)

While listening to the mandarin song 'The forgotten time'(被遗忘的时光) sang by Tsai Chin(蔡琴), it will definitely brings back a lot of memories. As for me, my mind was occupy by food most of the time, so I decided to write about a taste that I had grew up with for the past 20+ years.

Let us visit Telok Blangah Crescent Mall, Singapore.

Here's a photo to show you how does the mall looks like.

Rather than calling or giving it a name with the word 'mall',
I personally felt that the environment of the place
was closer to a food centre / market as compared to a mall.

I was a frequent customer of this fishball noodles store.
Despite of the fact that the owner was a friend of my parents,
I still find the fishball noodles delicious good up till today.

As you can see, you wouldn't be getting any other ingredients,
besides for the fishballs and the noodles.
But, this is it. For me, simplicity is the best choice.

Let's take a closer look. :D

Some points to take note regarding Telok Blangah Crescent Mall:
  • Most of the stores are open for Breakfast and Lunch only
  • The Fishball Noodle store that I had written here will be closed every Sunday and Monday

Let's share the food that you had grown up with in this blog now. :D

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙) at Tanglin Halt Market, Singapore

I am not here to promote the song 'Wei Yi (唯一)' by the chinese artiste 'Lee Hom, Wang (王力宏)', but the name of the store at Tanglin Halt Market was indeed 'Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙)'. According on my taste bud, I felt that this was probably the best Laksa that I had eaten so far. It was much much delicious than the all time famous Katong Laksa.

Similar to my earlier post here are some of the photos that I had taken.

Photo of Tanglin Halt Market

Photo of Interior of Tanglin Halt Market (1)

Photo of Interior of Tanglin Halt Market (2)

The Duck Noodle at Tanglin Halt Market was quite delicious also,
but not as good as...

The one and only 'Weiyi Laksa (唯一辣沙)' store at Tanglin Halt Market.

They have a few variety of Laksa and although the soup and noodle is the same,
but the ingredients for the Laksa were completely different.
You can choose the combination that suits you the best.
As for myself, the choice of 'Chicken and Fried Bean Curd'
had been my all time favourite but I decided to go for...

a bowl of Laksa with Chicken, Cockles, Fried Bean Curd and Prawns

Let's take a closer look. (I'm on fire... Whaooooooooo~~~~~)

Satisfaction always come so easily and for me the greatest
satisfaction in life comes from delicious food itself.

The queue was there even at around 8am in the morning.

More Information about 'Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙)':
  • It closes at every Monday and Friday
  • It opens the store at 5.30 am in the morning

More Information about Tanglin Halt Market:
  • Most of the stores operation for Breakfast and Lunch hours only.
  • Other delicacy includes Kaya Toast, Soya Bean and Soya Bean drink, etc

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Japanese Food: Singapore Oishi Tonkatsu - Tonkichi

According to me and my stomach, "Tonkichi"「とん吉」 serve one of the best Tonkatsu in Singapore. As I have been to Hiroshima, Japan before, the taste and the size of the Deep fried Oyster available at "Tonkichi" were quite similar to those that I had eaten in Hiroshima, Japan. Oishine~~~~~~~~~ Shiawasene~~~~~~~~~~~

As usual, a photo speaks a thousand words.
Here are the photos that were taken at "Tonkichi".

What! This image is not convincing enough?
Let's take a closer look.

I'm drooling again... I feel like eating it for the
third time within the last 10 days... especially when...

Tokichi is currently having a 20% promotion for all Pokka Card members...
So why don't you hurry and make a trip down trying out all the oishi tonkatsu there.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Highly recommended Frog Leg Porridge @ Geylang, Singapore, 新加坡,芽笼好吃的[田鸡粥]

Earlier this week, I suddenly had the urge of eating 'Frog Leg Porridge so I decided to visit the store that I had went before in Geylang many years ago. I'm not going to elaborate more as I personally felt that a picture speaks a thousand words and here are the pictures that I had taken.

Sambal Kangkong, 马来风光


White porridge serve in a pot, 白粥

Frog legs. Yahoooo~. Had tried 2 different kinds of Frog Legs, 姜葱田鸡 & 宫保田鸡

Here's a list of the restaurant branches.
Click here to find out more.