Saturday, 25 June 2011

Delicious Bites @ Changi Village

If you have being following my series of post on my blogs, I was cycling from East Coast Park to Changi Village a few weeks ago. Hence, I decided to gather some of my friends and went to Changi Village for a delicious dinner. Since, the location of Changi Village was located next to the sea, it would probably be one of the places in Singapore where you can get delicious seafood at a more affordable and reasonable price. Despite of the low price, the taste and standards of the seafood were pretty high also.

Let's take a look at the images that I have taken that day:

Yummy Yummy, When it comes to seafood in Singapore, most of the time unless you
try asking, otherwise the most common way of cooking it would be with Sambal Chilli.

Its chewy chewy and you can eat and swallow it, unlike a chewing gum.
Although I'm not a very big seafood fan,
having a meal like this once in a while is pretty alright. :D

I love Sambal Stringrays. In the past before ABC Market located at Bukit Merah
undergo the major renovations, it used to serve one of the best Stringray
in Singapore. But, after making a trip there recently, it seems that the
store had relocated to another location and I can't find it in the market anymore. :(

Wao~~~~ one big plate of Cockles at a price of SGD$5. Fantastic
and this meal is getting more and more heavenly. Speaking of Cockles,
I will never forget about this post from Mr Brown blogspot.

Lalala...... Samabl Lala, another seafood dish that I loved.
In fact I love all the seafood that have a shell. For example,
Cockles (Hum), Clams (Lala), Mussels (Dua Tao), etc.

Besides all the Spicy seafood, we have also tried the seafood omelette.
This is pretty normal except for the choice of ingredients inside the
omelette, which make it pretty tasty.

Not just a normal coconut drink that was poured into a cup but
a real coconut that the owner of the stall cut it open in front of me.

We have also tried other delicacy like Sambal Kangkong and Satay,
but I had completely forgotten about the step of taking photos. TT.TT.

I would highly recommend you to cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Village to have your meal there before making your way back to East Coast Park.
Similarly, one of the best way to Changi Village would be the step of taking a MRT train and alight at Tanah Merah Station before changing to bus No. 2 and alight at the last stop.

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