Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙) at Tanglin Halt Market, Singapore

I am not here to promote the song 'Wei Yi (唯一)' by the chinese artiste 'Lee Hom, Wang (王力宏)', but the name of the store at Tanglin Halt Market was indeed 'Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙)'. According on my taste bud, I felt that this was probably the best Laksa that I had eaten so far. It was much much delicious than the all time famous Katong Laksa.

Similar to my earlier post here are some of the photos that I had taken.

Photo of Tanglin Halt Market

Photo of Interior of Tanglin Halt Market (1)

Photo of Interior of Tanglin Halt Market (2)

The Duck Noodle at Tanglin Halt Market was quite delicious also,
but not as good as...

The one and only 'Weiyi Laksa (唯一辣沙)' store at Tanglin Halt Market.

They have a few variety of Laksa and although the soup and noodle is the same,
but the ingredients for the Laksa were completely different.
You can choose the combination that suits you the best.
As for myself, the choice of 'Chicken and Fried Bean Curd'
had been my all time favourite but I decided to go for...

a bowl of Laksa with Chicken, Cockles, Fried Bean Curd and Prawns

Let's take a closer look. (I'm on fire... Whaooooooooo~~~~~)

Satisfaction always come so easily and for me the greatest
satisfaction in life comes from delicious food itself.

The queue was there even at around 8am in the morning.

More Information about 'Wei Yi Laksa (唯一辣沙)':
  • It closes at every Monday and Friday
  • It opens the store at 5.30 am in the morning

More Information about Tanglin Halt Market:
  • Most of the stores operation for Breakfast and Lunch hours only.
  • Other delicacy includes Kaya Toast, Soya Bean and Soya Bean drink, etc

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