Sunday, 26 June 2011

'Cold Stone' at Orchard Central

As the weather recently had become warmer and warmer, I decided to have nice cold dessert for a change. While thinking of a place to go, I suddenly remembered that I had been making frequent visits to Orchard Central recently and a long queue was always spotted outside 'Cold Stone'.

Nope, I am not talking about the celebrity 'Stone Cold' but...

this dessert store 'Cold Stone Creamery'.
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But before I start showing you more photos of 'Cold Stone',
let me show you photos of my dinner first. And its...

Tonkichi again. :D This is one of the reason why I have
been visiting Orchard Central over and over again.
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My dinner includes of..


Let's take a closer look. :D

As this is something new that Tonkichi is offering, I decided to give it a try.
After trying, I still prefer the normal Tonkatsu.

How could an individual leave Tonkichi without eating the Deep Fried Oyster?

Last and not least, the meal comes with a Dobinmushi,
which is soup with ingredients but serve inside a teapot
and you are suppose to drink the soup using the small tea cup.

After having a delicious meal at Tonkichi, let's proceed to 'Cold Stone'...

As usual, there's always a Q from the counter to the outdoors...

Although, the place doesn't have a lot of seats, but I love the atmosphere of the place.
Especially when this is the first time I had seen an ice-cream shop,
where the staff were playing and throwing scoops of ice-cream around.
Best of all, they seems to be enjoying themselves.

They have much more seats at the back of the store.

I decided to choose the 'Banana Caramel Crunch®' from
one of the 'Signature Creations' of 'Cold Stone'.
Reason: because its one of the few selections that
comes with Almonds and doesn't comes with chocolates. :D

The taste is pretty okay. But, when I was enjoying the ice cream and the waffles,
I overheard the conversation of the table next to me and they were mentioning that the
main reason why they keep going back to 'Cold Stone' was due to the waffles of the place.

Well, after having the ice-cream at 'Cold Stone', I finally understand the reason behind the long queue outside 'Cold Stone' and if you are thinking of going there, I would recommend you to go in the afternoon as the queue in the afternoon is much shorter as compared to the one at night.

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