Thursday, 16 June 2011

Japanese Food: Singapore Oishi Tonkatsu - Tonkichi

According to me and my stomach, "Tonkichi"「とん吉」 serve one of the best Tonkatsu in Singapore. As I have been to Hiroshima, Japan before, the taste and the size of the Deep fried Oyster available at "Tonkichi" were quite similar to those that I had eaten in Hiroshima, Japan. Oishine~~~~~~~~~ Shiawasene~~~~~~~~~~~

As usual, a photo speaks a thousand words.
Here are the photos that were taken at "Tonkichi".

What! This image is not convincing enough?
Let's take a closer look.

I'm drooling again... I feel like eating it for the
third time within the last 10 days... especially when...

Tokichi is currently having a 20% promotion for all Pokka Card members...
So why don't you hurry and make a trip down trying out all the oishi tonkatsu there.

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