Saturday, 11 June 2011

Highly recommended Frog Leg Porridge @ Geylang, Singapore, 新加坡,芽笼好吃的[田鸡粥]

Earlier this week, I suddenly had the urge of eating 'Frog Leg Porridge so I decided to visit the store that I had went before in Geylang many years ago. I'm not going to elaborate more as I personally felt that a picture speaks a thousand words and here are the pictures that I had taken.

Sambal Kangkong, 马来风光


White porridge serve in a pot, 白粥

Frog legs. Yahoooo~. Had tried 2 different kinds of Frog Legs, 姜葱田鸡 & 宫保田鸡

Here's a list of the restaurant branches.
Click here to find out more.

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