Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Great Wall of Chinatown...???

There is a place or a restaurant that was also known as the Great Wall of Chinatown. That was the same place that have been around as far as I can remember. It has been a good place for late night gatherings, refreshing dinners and also a good spot for taking a break from all the crazy walks.

So what type of food does this place specialised in?
They serve budget friendly and delicious 'Frog Legs Porridge'.
A small pot of 'Frog Legs Porridge' is equilvalent to 3 bowls of
'Frog Legs Porridge', so if you are not confident enough, please
do not try to be funny and place an order for a small pot of
'Frog Legs Porridge'.

Slices of Raw Fish
This was one of our favourite side dish.
The owners were pretty generous when it comes to the potion.
And the taste was slightly a bit different from the Japanese
Sashimi that we usually eat. When you eat it with both ginger
and sliced chilli, the taste of the Raw Fish becomes heavenly. :P
(Drooling again...)

A cube of Braised Beancurd
I wanted to place an order for the Fried Pig Intestines,
but it was sold out. Same goes for the Braised Pig Intestines.
Hence, I ended up trying a cube of Braised Beancurd.
Although the Beancurd might not taste as fantastic as the
Pig Intestines but this fit my motive of making a trip to
the place today. I wanted to have a slightly less sinful dinner,
especially when I have been having numerous meatful meals for
the past few days.

The above would be the menu of the Great Wall of Chinatown. :D

Below the menu would be a board indicating the next off day
of the place. As for the Chinese writings on board, it simply
means that they will be closed on a Monday for every 2 weeks.

This would be the exterior of the place.
It's located along New Bridge Road and its within
5-10 minutes walking distance from Chinatown MRT station.

So what is the link between this place and the Great Wall?
The name of this place is known as 'Tiong Shian Porridge Centre(長城粥品)'.
And the Great Wall of China is known as '萬里長城' in Chinese. Hence,
as both the Great Wall and this place have the word '長城' in it,
that is the reason why I called it the Great Wall of Chinatown.
In fact you can find a picture of the Great Wall of China next to the
words '長城' in the place itself.

NoteS about the place:
  • If you can't find seats on the first floor, you can try looking for seats on the second floor of the place.
  • This place was opened from early morning all the way to the middle of the night. If I'm not mistaken, I think they are opened for business 24/7 except for the off day that occurs on a Monday every fortnightly.

* Click here for the location of the 'Tiong Shian Porridge Centre(長城粥品)'.

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