Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An ordinary Dim Sum place...?

Ever since I'm a kid, I have given the opportunity to try all sorts of food. Chinese food, Western food, Malay food, etc... But I'm pretty sure that there's always some types of food that has been one of your favourite ever since you were a kid and this has something to do with my post today.

'Wanton Noodles'
This 'Wanton Noodles' is pretty normal. The only thing that
attracts me will be the number of 'wanton' that you are getting
in each bowl/plate of noodles. Besides for the portion, they have
a wide variety of 'wanton' dishes. You can either go with normal
'wanton', prawn 'wanton', fried 'wanton', normal dumplings or
fried dumplings. You can either have the 'wanton' or dumplings
with or without noodles and you can also choose to have the
'wanton' or dumplings with the soup or separated from the soup.

Here comes the main topic of this post 'Dim Sum'.
The 'Har Gao', or shrimp dumpling, is pretty normal. The shrimps
are pretty fresh but I think the skins are slightly a bit too thick.
So let us move on to the next item, which is the steamed 'Carrot Cake'.
In fact, I not sure is it me or what, but it seems that it has been a
decade since I have my last steamed 'Carrot Cake'. This Dim Sum dish
tastes so good that it sort of reminds me of a lost delicacy in
Singapore and that will be a dish known as 'Wan Kueh'(碗糕). There
used to be a stall located in 'Bukit Merah Central Food Centre'
selling good 'Wan Kueh' and that was probably the same place
that I have my first and my last 'Wan Kueh'. The similarities
between both dish will be the taste, the texture and the fragrance.
On top of that, although the sauce that was given in the steamed
'Carrot Cake' is kinda little, the taste of the sauce are pretty
much the same too. However, I remembered that the 'Wan Kueh' was
served in a big bowl of spicy sauce and I always ended up emptied
the whole bowl... (Come to think of it that is quite scary... :|)

So here's my overall opinion about this place. If you happen to be
staying near this area or passing by this area, you probably might
give this Dim Sum place a try. Even though it isn't air-conditional
but they are definitely one of the cheapest place to get all your
Dim Sum in Singapore.

Oh by the way, here is the menu for Dim Sum.

So what's the name of the place?

The name of this Dim Sum place would be 'Le Xuan Dim Sum'(乐轩点心).
It is located along 'Changi Village Road'.

* Click here for the address of 'Le Xuan Dim Sum' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for some other delicacies that's located along 'Changi Village Road'.

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