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Sex Symbol of Hong Kong Film Industry - Amy Yip(葉子楣)

Nope, I'm not going to blog about something erotic. This is a blog about food and 90% of the stuff that I would be blogging in this blog would be food-related. :P So what's the link between Amy Yip and food?

'Coffee Pau'(咖啡包)(left) and 'Big Chicken Pau'(大肉包)(right)
I happen to pop by this place in the extreme East of Singapore.
Seems that the speciality of this place are the Chinese Pau(包),
therefore I must definitely give this a try, since I'm a Pau lover.

The 'Coffee Pau' has a pretty strong coffee smell circulating
around it, but the ingredients inside (red bean paste) doesn't seems
to blend with the skin. I guess I prefer it without the ingredients.

'Big Chicken Pau'
My First Impression, this is the heaviest and biggest Pau that
I have seen in Singapore. It's even much heavier than my favourite
'Tiong Bahru Bao'. I wonder how it taste...

Oh my Food God...? It couldn't be, this can't be juicier and
tastier than 'Tiong Bahru Pau'... I couldn't believe it.
Besides for the price, the weight which is better than 'Tiong
Bahru Pau', even the taste is much better than my favourite...
This has definitely become my Number 1 Pau from now onwards...

And here comes....

'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包)
So how big is this 'Pau'?

By placing my palm next to it, should give you a rough idea
how big this 'Pau' is... (By the way my height is around 175cm)

As for the height, I need to open my mouth widely, in order to
grab a bite off this 'Pau'. The skin of the 'Pau' is fluffy,
as for the taste, it's pretty good. The 'Pau' is juicy, and
you can find ingredients like pork meat, mushrooms, boiled egg
and vegetables inside it. In fact, I was in the midst of finishing
the 'Pau' when a large amount of juice started dripping on my
hands. Wasted...:P (As for why they give this 'Pau' that name,
could it be... O.M.G... =="")

'Sure Win Pau'(包中包)
Isn't a typo, and the name of this Pau is indeed 'Sure Win Pau'(包中包).
I don't really get the rational of giving this Pau a name of 'Sure Win',
until I started eating half of it. The makers of the Pau has managed
to squeeze a 'Rice Dumpling'(粽子) into the Pau. Though the ingredients
were pretty much similar to the 'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包), but by
adding a 'Rice Dumpling' inside have given it a completely different
kind of touch and at the same time makes it even much more tasty. :D

But wait this isn't everything...
According to their menu, it seems that...
they are selling not 1 but 2 other different types of Jumbo Pau
'Amy Yip Jumbo Pau'(葉子楣大包) and 'Sured Win Pau'(包中).

I wanted to try them but they are sold out. =="" (Astonished.)

They are also making and selling several other
types of Dim Sum, just in case you are not a big fan of 'Pau'.

So where to get them?

The name of this place would be 'Johor Bahru Pau / Tim Sum'(新山手工包点).
It is located along 'Changi Village Road'.

  • Operating Hours: 8am - 11pm daily
  • Seems that they have their own factory located in either Singapore or Johor Bahru.
  • Fresh delivery of the Paus will happen at 3pm, 7pm and in the morning. (Not sure if this is a fixed schedule that they are following...)

* Click here for the location of this place on Google Maps.
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~ Click here to find out more about 'Tiong Bahru Pau'.

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