Monday, 18 June 2012

Ramen Bar

There's a new unique Ramen restaurant in Singapore.

The way they are managing the place is pretty much similar to 'Keisuke Tonkotsu Ou' Ramen restaurant.

At the place...
ingredients like bean sprouts, boiled egg are provided for free.
On top of that, this place is providing 3 different types of
Ramen base. There's the white one(??), the red one(spicy) and
the black one(mixture of squid ink and garlic).
You are given to mix and match your Ramen too. You can choose
the texture of the noodles, the type of Char Siew to use, etc...
It's kinda fun creating the Ramen that you will like.

They also have a special menu for dinner time only.
This would be one of the items that will only be available
during dinner time - 'Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen'.

Anyway do you like 'Takoyaki'? If you are a big fan of it,
you probably might want to give this a try. Despite having
a 'Tonkotsu'(pork) soup base, I can also taste seafood in
the soup. If I'm not mistaken, I think that they have added
bonito into the soup too. (Bonito is the ingredients that
is poured onto the 'Takoyaki') Nice tasty soup. :P
Although the soup is pretty nice, but the texture of the
noodles, the portion of it, the char siew and the tamago
are pretty normal.

However, I'm not given the option to customise the
'Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen'. Probably if I have choosen
the normal 'Tonkotsu Ramen' that I can customise,
probably it might taste much better. :D
(If I have time, I would like to try the black Ramen.)

This shows the appearance of the Ramen Bar.
The name of the place would be 'Ramen Bar Suzuki'.

The following shows the information of the place:
  • Address                          :61 Circular Rd
  • Operating Hours:Lunch:11:30am - 3pm
  •                              Dinner:6pm-10:30pm (10pm Last Order)
  • Off days                           :Sundays, Public Holidays

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* Click here to find out more about 'Keisuke Tonkotsu Ou'.

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