Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A different Chee Cheong Fun

I'm pretty sure that most of the Singaporeans have eaten 'Chee Cheong Fun' for either breakfast, lunch or dinner before. But how special can it be?

'Anson Chee Cheong Fun'
It seems that the owner of this shop is a Malaysian and
he has brought the recipe of making this speciality from
his home-town, Teluk Intan(安順)to Singapore.
So what's so special about this plate of 'Chee Cheong Fun'?
Besides for the method that the chef are using in handling
there 'Chee Cheong Fun', I guess the biggest difference
would be the ingredients that they have stuffed inside the
'Chee Cheong Fun'. Those brownish spots that you saw are
basically bits and pieces of radish. Therefore, every single
bite off the 'Chee Cheong Fun' will give you the sensational
crunchy and chewy combination. Although this is my first
encounter with this delicacy, it has definitely leave a
pretty good impression in my stomach and mind. (And I'm not
referring to the pickled chillies and chilli paste only ... ==)

'Rainbow Soya Bean Drink'
As per stated in the name itself, this is indeed a rainbow.
Adding jellies of different colours into the drink.
Although "You're beautiful... You're beautiful...'
but you aren't something special. :P

So where to get this special plate of 'Chee Cheong Fun'?

The name of the place would be 'Anson Chee Cheong Fun'.
It is located along 'Changi Road'.

  • Operating Hours: 7am - 8pm daily

* Click here for the location of 'Anson Chee Cheong Fun' on Google Maps.

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