Saturday, 2 June 2012

Time for some duckie....

Basically, looking at the current food industry, I think that the food industry market is getting more and more competitive. Nowadays, we, the consumer are getting more and more greedy hence our expectations are getting higher and higher. Besides for a good taste and a good fragrance, presentation and cost are 2 big areas that we are looking at too. As for today...

This is pretty much similar to a dried version of 'Acar'.
Therefore probably I'm too used to 'Acar', hence this plate
of pickles kinda tastes funny. Somehow it seems that something
is missing in this plate of pickles.

'Watermelon Juice'
This isn't something great and it's pretty normal. I would
highly encourage you to go for the pot of Chinese tea if you are
here with a group of people. (Note: the pot of tea is refillable.)

'Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage'
Rather than giving you big slices of Chinese Sausages, the
chefs have made an effort in dicing it into smaller pieces
before adding them to the fried rice and fried all the
ingredients together. Although it's a bit salty but I still
thinks that this is considerably good. Oh, by the way this
item isn't listed on the menu but you can try asking for a
plate of 'La Wei Chao Fan'(腊味炒饭).

'Sambal Kangkong'
This is slightly above average. At least this dish isn't
too oily and too 'wet', but there are too much leaves as
compared to the stems and the stems are not crunchy enough.
On top of the above, this dish isn't spicy enough. :(

'Mongolian style Smoked Duck Slices'
Despite being a appetizer, and although this was only
my second visit to this restaurant but I think that this
was one of the best dish of this restaurant. First of all,
the presentation of the Duck slices were pretty neat and
each slices of Duck meat looks amazingly beautiful. Besides
of the looks, please remember to dip the Duck meat into the
sauce that is located in the centre of the plate before
putting in into your mouth. The taste of the Duck meat was
fantastic and the sauce sort of reminds me of a stronger
version of 'Sweet and Sour' sauce. Each thin slice of Duck
meat is chewy and it tastes so good that the taste of the
Duck meat and the sauce continues to stay within my mouth
for an hour or so before they finally disappears into the air. :P

So where can you get this delicious plate of Duck Meat?

The name of the restaurant would be 'Chui Xiang Kitchen'(醉香小厨).
It is located near Queenstown MRT station.

  • Operating Hours: 11am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 10:30pm Daily
  • Contact Number: 6475 4883
  • Please make a reservation in advance if you are planning to have your dinner at the restaurant on a weekend.
* Click here for the address of 'Chui Xiang Kitchen' on Google Maps.

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