Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chicken Rice Penyet

Ayam Penyet, is pretty much similar to a plate of Chinese Chicken Rice, but prepared in an Indonesian style. Therefore, the main topic today will be 'Ayam Penyet'. :)

Here comes 'Chicken Rice Penyet'.
I love the rice. The type of rice that they are using is pretty much
similar to the rice that you are getting in a plate of Chicken Rice.
The fragrance coming out from the rice is much much better than normal
white rice. (I got to admit that I'm not a rice guy. I like Noodles
more than rice.:P) Besides for the fragrance rice, the part that you
can add unlimited portion of the crispy bits would be a big plus. :D
Although the taste of the chicken is pretty normal but looking at the
portion that you are getting, and the non spicy chilli that blends
pretty well with it, I think that this isn't such a bad meal after all. :D
(In fact, I think that the portion of rice that I'm getting isn't
sufficient enough to go with the chicken. Hence I ended up finishing
the chicken without getting any help from the rice... =="")

Where to get this plate of 'Chicken Rice Penyet'?

The name of the food stall will be 'Aspirasi Food Stall'.
It is located in 'Seah Im Food Centre', which is beside 'Harbourfront Interchange.'

* Click here for the website of 'Aspirasi Food Stall'.
^ Click here for the map of 'Seah Im Food Centre' on Google Maps.

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