Thursday, 15 December 2011

A fusion between Chinese and Malay food

In Singapore, you can easily find good delicious food that was a fusion between 2 different cultures. One of the best examples would be curry fish head, which was one of the speciality of Singapore. But let us put it aside for the time being. What I would be introducing today would be another Singapore delicacy and that would be...

Satay Bee Hoon(Vermicelli)(沙爹米粉).
Ingredients included are Bee Hoon(vermicelli)(Of course lah),
Pork Liver, Kang Kong(Water Spinach), dried beancurd, beansprout... etc
And after the cook have thrown in all the ingredients, they will
pour satay sauce on top of all the ingredients. :D

After stirring it a bit, it will becomes like this.
This would be a fusion between Chinese food and Malay food.
Whoever the founder is, that guy must be a food gourmet or a genius.
On top of the sweet taste the Satay sauce have, the taste of a plate
of 'Satay Bee Hoon' was heavenly, especially after you have stirred
or mixed the ingredients properly. The taste would be pretty interesting
and interesting here doen;t mean that its awful, interesting here means
that it wasn't a delicious taste that you can get every single day. :D

Besides for the 'Satay Bee Hoon', another speciality of the stall would be...
Cuttlefish Kang Kong
Although I loved 'Sambal Kang Kong', this was probably another good way
of preparing 'Kang Kong'. Especially when the 'Cuttlefish' gives a chewy
taste and every single bite still gives you the taste of 'Kang Kong',
it was definitely a dish that is uniquely Singapore.
Note: to some extent this dish makes me wonder which one is the main
ingredient... the 'Cuttlefish' or the 'Kang Kong'.

THis would be their menu. Take note that the stall is closed every Monday
and the operating hours are from 4 pm to 11 pm.

Here comes the most important part. The stall is located at...
'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'.

* Click here for the map of ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.
^ Click here to find out what other delicacy can be found in the ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.

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