Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Flavour of Life

If life can be interpreted into different flavours, how would it taste like?

As for myself, that would be the same question that I would probably be spending my entire life searching for a perfect answer to it, but till today, I think that life would be similar to a cup of tea. It can be either sweet or bitter or even tasteless. On top of the taste, the smell coming out of a cup of tea can either be a strong aroma or a strong refreshing fragrance or even odourless. With the number of types of Tea Leaves in this world, tea tasting can be a never ending journey that one can take.

Today I am going to introduce a Chinese Tea House that I am a regular. Introducing ...
Tea Chapter
I was working at this place a few years back.
When I was working at Tea Chapter, everyday was a completely different experience.
You get to meet different groups of people everyday. On top of that, the atmosphere
of the place was both quiet and relaxing. It wasn't an easy task looking for places
like this in the busy part of Singapore.

Have a break,
Let's have some Tea... :P
Besides for the huge variety of Chinese Tea that you can try, you can also go for the snacks like fragrance cookies, Tea Eggs, simple Dim Sum... etc.

The following would be the type of seats that you can get in Tea Chapter.
Japanese Style
You will be crossing your legs for a very period of time.
But no extra charges if you decided to choose this kind of seats.

Korean Style
Very limited seats, but you can put your legs into the hole underneath
the table. There are additional charges for these seats, but this isn't
something that you can experience everyday.

Chinese Style
Something that you can get in
at traditional Chinese restaurant.
Oh by the way, Queen Elizabeth II
had paid a visit to Tea Chapter
in 1989. The picture on the left was
taken during her visit to Tea Chapter.

Some photos taken in
Tea Chapter

Besides for the Chinese Tea House that was
located on the 2nd and 3rd floor, they also have a
retail shop selling all sorts of Chinese Tea
Accessories and Chinese Tea Leaves.

Do pop by Tea Chapter if you want to get away from the busy Singaporean lifestyle.

* Click here for the website of Tea Chapter.

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