Thursday, 7 July 2011

Changi Village Famous Nasi Lemak Stall

For the past few year, I have making cycling from East Coast Park to Changi Village once in a while. Despite of the fact that I had been making so many trips to Changi Village, I had never tried the super famous Nasi Lemak Store there. Therefore, I made an effort last weekend to cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Village to try the famous Nasi Lemak Stall.

As usual, here are the photos:

...Speechless... Completely speechless.... The stall sells only Nasi Lemak only...
Chicken Nasi Lemak, Otah Nasi Lemak, Fish Nasi Lemak... all Nasi Lemak...

I think I should start queueing also... Just look at the crazy queue...

The taste is of the Nasi Lemak pretty good but probably I had high hopes
on the Nasi Lemak. The taste of the Nasi Lemak doesn't seems to match
with the reputation of the Nasi Lemak.

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