Sunday, 24 July 2011

A dessert fantasy for me :D

Everyone in this world had their own fantasies in different areas. you might dream to live in your own castle, dreaming yourself driving a Ferrari or having a dream of you yourself eating a delicious delicacy with all the ingredients that you like. As for myself, this is one of the dessert fantasy that I have been having...

A big bowl of Ice Kacang with only Red Beans and condensed milk covering all the ice.
The ingredients used in this delicacy were pretty simple, and these ingredients were ice, read beans and condensed milk. That's it, simplicity were one of my favorite choices.

(Note: I do agree that I am a Red Bean freak,
but I just couldn't resist the taste of Red Beans.)

But where can you find this delicacy?
It's available at the Kopitiam located at Tiong Bahru Plaza and not all the Kopitiam outlets are selling this delicacy. So hurry down to one of the Kopitiam outlets and try your luck in finding this delicacy, if you have the same dessert fantasy as I do.

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