Monday, 4 July 2011

Sometimes, a change is needed :D

After a month of crazy eating, especially after the numerous visits that I had made to Tonkichi, I think it's time for me to try something that is lighter. Hence I decided to have a go with vegetarian food. Though, I'm not a super big fun of vegetarian food, it doesn't mean that I hate eating vegetarian food. This reminds me... never mind I will try writing about the other vegetarian food sooner or later. Let's focus on this one first. :D When it comes to vegetarian food in Singapore, your best option will be 'Fortune Centre' in Bugis area.

Back then, I always thought that there were only restaurants or eating places on level 1, but I was wrong. Eateries were available upstairs also.

This eating place is located on the 2nd floor of 'Fortune Centre'
and this is my first visit here.

Whao... I'm amazed with the chef here. This doesn't look like a vegetarian food at all.
It looks similar to the minced meat noodles that you can find outside.

I haven't been eating this for a very long time, hence it's very hard for me to describe it.

I don't know how the chef manage to do it, but the taste of the soup of the laksa
were pretty close to those that I had tried outside in the hawkers.

Actually, my friend had also ordered a plate of 'Wanton Noodles' but I had forgotten to take the photo of the dish. The most disappointing part is the 'Wanton Noodle' also doesn't look like a vegetarian dish at all. Probably, I will try the 'Wanton Noodle' when I visit the place again.

Note: Click here for the map of 'Fortune Centre'.

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