Sunday, 17 July 2011

A taste that you grow up with - Dessert

Been a local living in a area pretty close to Tiong Bahru for the past 20+ years, One would definitely have dine at TIong Bahru market before. And frankly speaking, I still miss the old old Tiong Bahru wet market a lot. I remember that I had been eating the 'Chwee Kueh(水粿)' bought from Tiong Bahru Market ever since I was studying in the nearby kindergarten, having lunch at Tiong Bahru Market after my classes during my secondary school days and having my meals at Tiong Bahru Market during my weekends.

One would definitely miss the older days where most of the stalls in Tiong Bahru Market were providing cheap delicacies like, 'Lor Mee(卤面)', 'Chwee Kueh(水粿)', Soya Bean drink and much much more. Even though some of the stores can still be found in the new Tiong Bahru Market, the taste of the food were much inferior that what you can get in the past.

This is one of the stalls that I still make my constant visits up till today.

Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House (甜甜園甜品屋)

Left: Ice Cream Ice Kacang, Right: Chendol
Up till today, they are still providing cheap, delicious and big portions of desserts.
And they are open to special request to customise your desserts.
For example: I would place an order for Chendol or Ice Kacang
with only the ingredient of Red Bean alone, once in a short while.

Other delicacies of Tiong Bahru market includes the prawn noodles, western food, boneless chicken rice, hokkien noodle, etc.

Click here for the map of Tiong Bahru Market

More Information about 'Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House (甜甜園甜品屋)':
  • It closes at 11 pm everyday

  • Most of the stalls close pretty early as they will close the shop, once the ingredients ran out
  • It could be very crowded during Lunch time on weekdays and Breakfast on every single day, as there is a wet market on the first floor

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