Friday, 1 July 2011

Singapore most delicious Ramen - Marutama Ramen

Singapore had a large variety of Ramen shop from Japan. For example: Ajisen Ramen from Kumamoto, Ippudo Ramen from Hakata, Santouka Ramen from Hokkaido... As far as I can remember, Noodles had been my favourite dish in this world. Almost 50% and above of the meals that I had eaten each week were Noodles. Therefore, I have decided to introduce my favourite Ramen here in this blog. And here it is, my favourite Ramen shop is...

The following shows a photo of Nama Karashi Ramen,
which is the Ramen that I would highly recommend you to try.

Chicken Soup had been used to cook the Nama Karashi Ramen.
As for the taste, it's a bit spicy.

Reasons why I like the Ramen are... In comparison with the other Ramen,
the noodles used in this shop are more delicious and more special. Other reasons include...

Ajitsuke Tamago of this shop. Besides for the delicious taste, the price of the Ajitsuke Tamago was relatively cheap also. Therefore, it's an item that I will definitely order when I make a visit to Marutama.

Actually, I would order a bowl of Nama Karashi Ramen, Ajitsuke Tamago
and Kaedama* twice, whenever I visit Marutama Ramen Store.
Some would ask, why do I order Kaedama twice when
a bowl of Nama Karashi Ramen is sufficient for an average person.
Actually, for the Marutama Ramen Store at Liang Court,
you will be given a free topping after you had Kaedama twice.
Without thinking, I would always order for an extra piece of "Char Siew".

Some other photos:

My motto in life is: "An individual can become the
most happiest person in the world when he is having a delicious meal".

* Kaedama=Adding noodles

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