Sunday, 17 July 2011

Zhong Hua Steamboat (中华火锅,拉面) at the intersection of Liang Seah Street and Beach Road

I think my stomach is taking over my mind almost like everyday... And it just happen to have the urge of eating steamboat. When it comes to the topic of steamboat, one of the best place to search for steamboat restaurants would be Bugis, Liang Seah Street. And we decided to tried the one at the intersection of Liang Seah Street and Beach Road.

Here are the photos taken that day.

They have a large variety of ingredients.
For example, a large spread of vegetables, noodles, seafood, poultry, etc...
They also have cooked food like Fried Bee Hoon, chilli crab, fried chicken, fried buns, etc...

Here's a close up of one of the plates of ingredients.
It's a mixture of seafood and poultry ingredients. I love to eat seafood when eating steambooat, especially when it comes to fish slices and prawns.

One word to describe the Si Chuan Ma La soup base, Shiok.
This is probably the best 'Si Chuan Ma La' steamboat soup base that I have tasted for years.
You can actually feel the spicy taste using your tongue and eventually making it numb.
More Shiok.
And one thing that make the soup completely different from the other 'Si Chuan Ma La' soup base was, some of the soup base out there had a thick layer of chilli oil in the soup and they would named it as a 'Si Chuan Ma La' soup but this one doesn't. You could actually identify the ingredients that they were using to make the soup base so tasty.

One thing that I would always do when it comes to steamboat would be the step of throwing in noodles into the soup base. The 'Si Chuan Ma La' soup base could blend with the noodles very well giving it a very delicious taste but as for the 'Herbal Chicken' soup base, that noodles and the soup base doesn't blend together very nicely.

Here's their contact number: 63371655
Click here for the location of the steamboat restaurant

  • Drinks are provided for free, but most of the drinks are soft drinks
  • Try to make a reservation before going as the place was very crowded, especially during weekends

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