Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's that season of the year again for....

Durians... In fact I was thinking of writing about another Ramen shop that I had visited last week, but it just so so happen that I had durians for supper yesterday... Hence I writing about durians now since this is the best season for good durians... :D

Before showing you sinful photos of good Durians (猫山王), here's a youtube video that will always reminds me of Durians... V(O.O)V Whahahaha~~~ Upon listening to the song, does it reminds you of Durians also..? Whahahaha~~~

After popping one flesh after the other, I suddenly realised
that I had finished eating 1 big Durian. Whahahaha~~~

Look at the flesh of this Durian so solid and tasty. :D
Yummy yummy... Ittadakimasu~~~

  • Dispite of the fact that it is the Durian season now, please drink lots of water after eating especially when it haven't been raining for the past few days
  • One of the best places to find cheap and good Durian would be Geylang Road where it has 1 whole stretch of stalls selling Durians

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