Monday, 25 July 2011

New Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Fisherman's Market

A new Japanese Seafood Buffet Restaurant just opened for business in Singapore recently. This restaurant is a branch of the "Fisherman's Market" located in Kobe, Japan.*

The following were photos I had taken at "Fisherman's Market" located in Singapore:

Photos of the interior of the restaurant:

Photos of the food of the restaurant:

Cooked Food:

One of Singapore's most recommended dish - "Black Pepper Crab"

One of Singapore's most recommended dish - "Chilli Crab"

There were other cooked food. For example:...
Fried Rice, various types of seafood dishes...
Fish and Vegetables Curry(Left), Pizza (Right). There were a variety of cooked food.

They have various kinds of Teppanyaki. For example, pork, salmon, sausages...

This is a photo of a Pork Teppanyaki. The meat is slightly a bit too hard, but the sausage Teppanyaki was delicious.

Sashimi and Appetizers:

Each thick slices of Sashimi were delicious and Fresh.

They have other appetizers also.
For example: Baby octopus with mango and curry, all sorts of salads, etc...

Raw food and Sushi:
They also have fresh seafood. For example: prawns, oysters, mussels...

They have a big variety of sushi.
For example: Eel Sushi, Egg Sushi, Salmon Sushi,
and some other kinds of sushi with different kind of fish.

These are the Sushi and Fresh Seafood that I had eaten. I love Unagi sushi.

Desserts and Fruits:

I'm disappointed because they don't have Melons.

This restaurant will be having a 10% discount for the month of July.
Therefore, please make an effort to go and try the restaurant.

~ Click here to find out more about "Fisherman's Market" in Singapore.
* Click here to find out more about "Fisherman's Market".
^ Click here to find out more about the promotion for "Fisherman's Market".

  • Through the windows of the restaurant, you can see a great view of Singapore River.
  • If you want to see a great view of Singapore River, you must make a reservation in advance.

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