Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chinese Ramen

I love Japanese Ramen but do you know that the origin of Ramen can be trace back to China? Being a Noodles fanatic myself, I'm always eager to try a new Noodles stall, therefore I'm going to introduce another Noodles stall today. :D

Photos, photos~~
Fried Dumplings (left)
A good mixture of vegetables and meat, which makes it pretty
delicious. On top of that, the skin of the Dumplings were
handmade, which makes it more chewy and taste better than
machine-made Dumplings skin. (I think)

Spicy Chicken Noodles (right)
Ingredients are cucumber, peanuts, pieces of diced chicken,
vegetables, etc. Not to forget about the part that the Noodles
are hand-made too. Despite of the fact that hand-made ingredients
doesn't turn out to be very good looking, but I loved all these
Hand-made ingredients, as they give me the impression that they
were much more tasty.
In fact, the combinations of this simple bowl of Noodles is pretty
interesting. Noodles that comes with Cucumber, which is cooling,
with a simple spicy touch. Sort of reminds me of Assam Laksa taste
but with a cooling touch and the soup is colourless.

Dumplings Noodles Dry(left)
My second attempt with the Noodles of this stall. It seems
that they will add cucumber to all the Noodles that you are
going to order. Too bad the Noodles still turns out to be
a bit soupy and the chilli isn't that great at all. Otherwise
I think that the cucumber idea is pretty nice and the
Dumplings were much bigger than the usual Dumplings that we
are getting. (Finish or take out the Dumplings asap otherwise
it will ended up to be pretty watery or soggy.)

Dumplings in Spicy sauce
Since the stall owners doesn't seems to be locals, I was
expecting something much more spicy. But probably they think
that I'm just an average Singaporean, therefore this didn't
ended up to be very spicy. Probably if I have the chance to
pop by the place again, I will try requesting for a plate of
Dumplings in Extra Spicy Sauce.

If you are health cautious or you are trying to cut down on
the amount of oily food, you probably can give this a try.
It's exactly the same as the Fried Dumplings except for the
fact that this was boiled rather than deep fried. Like what
I had mentioned earlier, the proportion of the ingredients
were pretty good and I would highly recommend everyone to try
wither this or the Fried Dumplings.

Steam Buns, 'Xiao Long Bao'(小笼包)
The skins of these Steam Buns were too stiff and I think
that it will taste much better if the skins are much more
thinner, which will ended up to be pretty challenging,
especially if you don't want to waste all the good soup
of the Steamed Buns.

So where can you find this stall?

The name of the stall would be 'Dong Ji La Mian Xiao Long
Bao Chu Mi Fen'(东记拉面小笼包粗米粉) and this stall can be
found in 'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'. It is located
next to the infamous dessert stall.

* Click here for the map of ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.
^ Click here to find out what other delicacy can be found in the ABC Brickworks
  Market/Food Centre.

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