Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Snail Eater...

Have anyone tried eating a snail before? No? Okay, how about 'Escargot', have you eaten 'Escargot' before? For the past few weeks, I have blog about my stomach taking over my body and this would be one of the instance...

A few days ago, I had...

italian food for dinner.
I wanted to eat 'Escargot' only but ended up ordering and trying
quite a few items on the menu... =="" Stop controlling me 'Stomach'...

'Doria with Chicken Meat'
'Doria' is a rice dish that is pretty much similar to a baked rice.
As for this dish, the top layer of cheese covering the rice isn't too
thick or too sticky. Probably because I'm not a big fan of cheesy food,
therefore I don't like super sticky cheesy food. However, this is pretty
acceptable. It doesn't stick onto the sides of the pan and it's pretty
easy to mix the cheese and the butter rice without any difficulties.
Taste wise, it's pretty nice for me, but if you are a big fan of cheese,
you probably wouldn't love this dish pretty much.

'Spicy Sausage Pizza'
This is probably my first in getting a uncut pizza. I almost have
the urge of taking the uncut pizza and start biting away. Eventually,
I ended up cutting the pizza into 8 and savour it piece by piece.
However, this pizza isn't that great. I personally felt that it
doesn't have sufficient ingredients or sausage and it isn't spicy
enough and the base of the pizza is too hard. :(

'Grilled Butter Escargot'
Probably I only start digging into this dish after I finish
eating the 'Doria' and the pizza so the 'Escargot' ended up to
be too butter-ish... Nevertheless, I still can savour the chewy
'Escargot' and it's pretty nice. :D I can more or less visualise
how delicious this dish is when it's serve. Objective cleared.

Last but not least, a dessert to end a delicious dessert.

'Panna Cotta'
This is a type of pudding and if you like sweet desserts or pudding,
you will definitely love this. As this is made from milk, sugar, etc...
and it's surrounded in a pool of caramel. I think I started to love
sweet things... :P

By the way... as compared to the market, I personally thinks that the price that you are paying for the food items at this place is pretty affordable. On top of the affordable price that I'm paying,
there's no service charge and G.S.T, which gives me another reason why I should visit this place more often... All the items listed in this post can be found at...

A local Japanese Italian Restaurant known as 'Saizeriya'.
The currently have a branch located at places like
'Liang Court', 'Bukit Timah Plaza', 'City Square Mall' and
'Toa Payoh Central'.

  • Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm Daily
  • You can top up for free flow drinks at an affordable price.

* Click here for the website of 'Saizeriya'. (In Japanese)
^ Click here to have a rough idea of the menu of 'Saizeriya'.

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