Monday, 14 May 2012

What is 'X'?

I have mentioned about 'X' in my post last week. So what exactly is 'X'? 'X' is in fact, one of the infamous delicacy of 'Hiroshima', Japan. And that will be...

Hiroshima-styled 'Okonomiyaki'. :D

What's the difference between Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki
and the normal(Kansai-styled) Okonomiyaki?

Hiroshima-styledNormal Okonomiyaki
How to prepare it

Fried the Batter for a short while
before adding the ingredients on
top of the batter and continue frying

Mixed the batter and the
ingredients together before frying

The above shows the biggest difference between the Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki
and the normal(Kansai) Okonomiyaki. Some other differences would be
the ingredients used, the type of heat energy that was used, etc...

Anyway, let's move back to our main topic.
What I will be doing today would be a short introduction to 'Hassei',
which is a restaurant in Hiroshima that prepares and sell Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki.

Despite been a very small restaurant,
the decorations on the wall are pretty interesting.

This is a pretty interesting idea.
A wall decorated with signature's of famous people. :)
(I wonder how long does it take to fully occupied the wall with signatures.)

Besides for the large variety of drinks that they have,
you can also find a large variety of 'Okonomiyaki' here too.

This would be the 'Seafood Special' Okonomiyaki.
Once you get your Okonomiyaki, you can choose to either
add the Okonomiyaki Sauce or Mayonnaise or add both sauce
on top of your Okonomiyaki. Which means that you are given
the freedom to add as much sauce as you like... Woohoo~~~~~
(You can also find spicy Mayonnaise in this restaurant too.:D)

Well then, time to start eating. :P
The taste of Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki and normal Okonomiyaki
are completely different. In this Okonomiyaki, probably due to the
fact that the ingredients and the batter are separated, therefore
the ingredients doesn't ended up to be soggy and there wouldn't be
a major mixture of taste in the Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki.
I personally think that this is much delicious than normal Okonomiyaki.
(By mixing multiple tasty food items together doesn't mean that you
will be getting a more delicious food, it might ended up to be one
of the most disgusting food that you have ever eaten.)

If are given the opportunity to pay Hiroshima a visit,
You probably want to give Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki a try.
You will ended up loving the Hiroshima-styled Okonomiyaki as
much as the normal Okonomiyaki.
After dealing with 'X', 'Y' will come next...
(The above liner was copied from the Japanese TV Series 'Unfair'.)

  • Operating Hours: (Tuesday to Saturdays)

            (Sundays and Public Holidays)

* Click here for the map of 'Hassei'.

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