Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Me Sotong? (Me Blur BLur)

Usually, when I'm given the choice of getting my meals from a Muslim stall, choices tend to be food items like 'Mee Rebus', 'Nasi Lemak', 'Nasi Biryani', etc... And probably this is my first encounter with...

So what is 'Mee Soto'?
Basically, it's a bowl of Noodles that comes with ingredients like
bean sprout, slices of Chicken and spring onions. What I like best
would be the spicy chicken stock soup that comes with 'Mee Soto'.

As for the reason why I'm blogging about 'Mee Soto' today?
Is basically due to the fact that after having my first attempt at
eating 'Mee Soto', I have yet tasted one that tasted as good as
the one written in this blog. Just for the soup base alone, I'm
getting cloudy soup most of the time. Although the taste is pretty
much similar regardless of the look of the soup, the cloudy soup
base looks as if the cooks didn't put a lot of effort in what their
cooking and the cloudy soup seems to have lots of small tiny bits
of pepper, chicken stock, vegetables, etc. :( Therefore, I'm pushing
this 'Mee Soto' now. The soup is both clear and it isn't too spicy.
Probably, everyone will like it once they have tasted it. :D

So where can you find it?

The name of the stall would be 'Mizzy Corner' and it is located
along Changi Village Road, which is pretty near 'Changi Village
Market and Food Centre'.

  • By the way, the word 'Sotong' in Malay means 'blur blur'.
* Click here for the location of the stall on Google Maps.

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