Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pure Prawn Noodles

Speaking of Prawn Noodles nowadays, it would probably be a bowl of cooked noodles with ingredients like Prawns, fish cake and/or meat balls and vegetables like bean sprout and a bit of green vegetables. However, I'm pretty surprise that...

there are a place selling a bowl of 'Prawn Noodles'

Putting aside all the other ingredients that you can get at
any other Prawn Noodles stall, the main ingredient of this
bowl of Prawn Noodles are mainly Prawns and vegetables only.
Probably that was the same reason that this stall is giving
this dish a name of 'Pure Prawn Noodles'.

Upon placing an order for this 'Pure Prawn Noodles', the owner
will ask you to choose the type of Prawns that you prefer.
You can either choose the bigger prawns that comes with the shell
(that was shown in the above photo) or the shell-less prawns.
Taste wise, the noodles and the prawns are pretty normal, but
the owner was pretty generous with the ingredients.

As for the soup, I love it. Besides for the nice strong fragrance
that the soup has, it also comes with a nice prawn taste.

Besides for the unique 'Pure Prawn Noodles', they also sell normal
Prawn Noodles, Pork Rib & Prawn Noodles, Pig Tail Noodles, etc...

The name of this stall would be 'Seng Huat Prawn Noodle Soup'.
It is located in 'ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre'.

Things to note:
  • Stall is closed on Mondays
  • Operating Hours: 12pm - 12am daily
* Click here for the map of ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre.
^ Click here to find out what other delicacy can be found in the ABC Brickworks
  Market/Food Centre.

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