Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Craving for Dim Sum

Dim Sum, something that one can both Love and Hate. As for the 'Love' part, I don't think I need to explain how delicious all these bite size food items can be. They can be filled with seafood, vegetables, all sorts of meat, etc... Basically there are more than 101 possibilities and it ain't an easy task to try all the different types of Dim Sum in this world. As for the 'Hate' part, Dim Sum can be pretty expensive, especially when your appetite is very big. But luckily there are a list of restaurants that are offering Dim Sum buffet to satisfy my needs... :P The following would be one of the places in Singapore that offers Dim Sum High Tea Buffet and that would be...

'Peach Garden'(桃园).
I'm not going to write about the history of 'Peach Garden' neither
am I going to write about how good their service is nor how delicious
their food is... Let's just focus on the 'Dim Sum Buffet'... :D

So what's on the menu?

'Glutinous Rice'(糯米饭)
Rather than giving you one big lump of 'Glutinous Rice', they are
serve in rolls. By doing that, more work are require from the chefs
but the fragrance of the lotus leaf and the ingredients(chicken,
vegetables, etc) have blend with the rice thoroughly. Although
it's a bit sticky but it's still pretty good. (So good that I
finish 2 rolls of it on my own. :P)

'Phoenix Claw' or 'Chicken Feet'(凤爪)
Not sure about your attitude towards this dish, but as for myself, this
is like a appetizer. I love chewing on the small pieces of meat/skin
wrap around the 'Chicken Feet'. On top of that, sucking out the juice
from the 'Chicken Bones' like a vampire are one of my favourite part.
Although taste wise this isn't very fantastic but a generous portion
of 'Chicken Feet' are given. :D

a bowl of Soup...?
But wait, there's something inside... Initially I thought that this
is shark fin or something similar but I'm wrong. This is something
new to me and I think that it's pretty close to a Dim Sum known as
'Tang Bao'(汤包). Rather than wrapping all the soup in a big 'Tang Bao',
the skin of the 'Tang Bao' is place inside the small bowl. Not really
sure how to eat this, but I like the clear soup, especially the part
when there's herbal taste in it.

The above shows part of the variety that they have on their 'Dim Sum Buffet' menu.
Besides those that I have shown here, there's also common Dum Sum items
like 'Siew Mai'(烧卖), 'Har Gao'(虾饺), 'Ming Xia Jiao'(明虾角),
'Zhu Chang Fen'(猪肠粉), 'Char Siew Bun'(叉烧包), 'Spicy Dumplings'(红油抄手), etc...
By the way, free flow Chinese Tea is given, although its merely
Chinese Jasmine Tea but its better than nothing.

The only drawback of this 'Dim Sum Buffet' would be the desserts.
As for desserts, there's only fruits and Ice Cream... :(
Though the ice cream idea is pretty smart in attracting kids
but I still prefer ice cold Chinese type of desserts. :P

  • You can only get the 'Dim Sum High Tea Buffet' at the Thomson Plaza 'Peach Garden' branch.
  • It's only available on Weekends and Public Holidays from 3pm to 5pm.
  • There's a criteria where minimum 2 persons is needed.
  • Please make a reservation up front to avoid disappointment. (Initially I thought that the place would be pretty empty but I was wrong, the place is 90% occupied when I went there. Luckily I have made reservations up front.)
* Click here to find out more about 'Peach Garden'.
^ Click here to find out more about the 'Dim Sum High Tea Buffet' that they are offering. ~ Click here for the map of 'Thomson Plaza' on Google Maps.

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