Tuesday, 22 May 2012

GF in University.... Lol

Nope, not referring to a Girl Friend or something like that. 'GF' can also be used to represent 'Good Food'. There are quite a few good eating places in one of the local University, NUS and I'm going to blog about one of them today.

'Smoked Duck Set Meal'
It seems that I'm dying for Smoked Duck over the past few days.
Therefore, once I saw this item on their menu, I decided to give
it a try on my 2nd visit.

What's so special?
For every set meal that you order, you will be given a plate of
rice and a cup on top of the main dish that you have ordered.
The drinks are refillable and you are given a choice to either
go with the hot or cold drinks. As for the rice, you can choose
to have it with or without a layer of Curry over it. Chilli wise,
there are basically 2 different types of chilli to choose from.
The 1st type would be the Indonesian chilli that goes pretty well
with the usual Indonesian dish like, Ayam Penyet, Ayam Panggang,
etc... The 2nd type would be much more similar to the Chinese
chilli paste that you are getting in a restaurant.
Note: Both types of chilli are pretty spicy... Beware~~~)

So what's so great about this dish?
Nothing much I can say about this dish. Basically, you are getting
high quality smoked duck at an affordable price. Although each
slice of Smoked Duck is slightly a bit too thin, but it still
comes with the chewy taste. :D Too bad they don't have the dark
coloured sauce that blends with the duck meat wonderfully. :P
(There's a old saying, one will never be satisfied with the
things that he has... like me and the food that I'm getting...:P)

So where can you find this delicacy?

The name of the stall would be 'Indonesian Express' and it seems
that you can find some of the branches within the school campus of
NUS, NTU and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Yo can find out more about the
stall on their Facebook Page listed below.
By the way, the stall shown in the above, would be one of the branch
located at 'The Deck', NUS Facuty of Arts and Social Sciences.

  • They are opened on Weekdays from 10am - 7.30pm only.
  • Too bad they are not open on weekends ==.

* Click here to find out more about 'Indonesian Express'.
^ Click here for the list of retail & food outlets of NUS.

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