Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Zebra Fish?

One of the biggest reason, why I loved dishes that comes with a big bowl of soup is mainly due to the fact that I can save a bit of money, since I don't need to spend an extra sum of money on a beverage. (Although this is kinda like betting...)

'Black White Fish Soup'
Before I proceed forward introducing the bowl of fish soup itself, I would like to
compliment the stall owner for the type of chilli sauce that they have prepared over here.
Besides for the normal plate of sliced chilli, they have also provided a special type of
chilli that is pretty much similar to a Thai chilli sauce. Although it's slightly a bit
too watery, but the taste of the chilli can actually blend with the taste of the
fish slices pretty well.

As for the bowl of fish soup, although it's given the name of 'Black White Fish Soup',
but in fact, it's actually a mixture of raw fish slices and fried fish slices. Besides
for fish slices, the stall owner has also thrown in lots of vegetables into the soup.
As for the fish slices, I personally find all of it pretty fresh and delicious. As for
the fried fish, it didn't ended up to be too soggy, which happens to be one of the
biggest problem to 'fried fish soup' most of the time. As for the taste of the soup,
it wasn't too pepperish, which adds another (+) to the overall dining experience.

So where can you give the 'fish soup' a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Ichiban Seafood Sliced Fish Soup'(一級棒海鮮魚片湯).
It's located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre', which is located near
'Harbourfront' MRT Station and opposite 'Vivo City'.

  • Opening Hours:
    8am - 7pm (Daily)
    Closed on Saturdays
* Click here for the map of 'Seah Im Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that is located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre'.

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