Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Having it warm...

Probably if I mention the word 'Kueh' in Singapore, the first few words that might pop up on your mind would be words like 'cold', 'sticky', etc... However...

Left: 'Soon Kueh'(笋粿)
Right: 'Png Kueh'(饭粿)
This stall really live up to its reputation. The 'Soon Kueh' that I'm getting
from this stall are pretty warm. As it was served warm, therefore I don't really
find it too sticky. And I really like the ingredients inside it, although I think
that most of the ingredients that are included in the 'Soon Kueh' were mostly
'Radish', but I really love the taste and texture of this 'Soon Kueh'. By the way,
I think that the chilli blend with the taste of the 'Soon Kueh' much more better
than the dark coloured sauce.

Usually, I'm not a fan of 'Png Kueh'. The main reason that I gave it a try
was mainly due to the fact that I can mix and match the number of 'Png Kueh'
and 'Soon Kueh'. As long as I place an order for 3 different 'Kueh' ('Png Kueh'
or 'Soon Kueh'), the price will also be S$2.00. So I ended up giving the
'Png Kueh' over here a try. Despite being cold and sticky, I actually enjoy the
taste of the 'Png Kueh' pretty much. Probably it's due to the peanuts that was
added into the 'Kueh' that have made it much more crunchy. In fact, most of the
ingredients that was used in preparing the 'Png Kueh' were mostly stuff that I
like. For example: peanuts, mushrooms, shrimps, etc...

Though the 'Kueh' over here are slightly a bit small, but they don't really lose
out to cakes or buns that you are going to have for Hi-Tea.

The name of this stall would be 'Fatt Soon Kueh'(发笋粿).
It's located inside 'Albert Centre Market And Food Centre',
which is located near 'Bugis Village'.

  • They have numerous branches in Singapore. However, it seems that Wednesday is a official off day for all the branches.

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