Friday, 19 April 2013

Egg or Carrot Cake

Although I already had a heavy meal for lunch but I still have a bit of time and at the same time, my stomach still have room for a bit of food. Therefore...

'White Carrot Cake'
As I was passing by this stall selling 'Carrot Cake', I suddenly recalled something.
When I was having my dinner with my friend a few weeks back, he had mentioned about
the 'carrot cake' of this place. Since I was passing by this stall, I decided
to give the 'Carrot Cake' over here a try.

Although the 'Carrot Cake' over here is relatively cheap but the portion that you
will be getting is relatively small too. Taste wise, it's pretty much the same as
all the good 'Carrot Cake' out there that comes with a nice fragrant of radish.
However, the taste of the fried egg were far more richer than the taste of the
radish. In fact, to some extent, I think that you should be calling this a plate
of 'Fried Egg Cake' rather than 'Carrot Cake'. :P By the way, if I'm given the
choice to choose either a burger from one of the biggest fast food chain in
Singapore or the 'Carrot Cake', I will choose the 'Carrot Cake', since both are
the same price, but the taste of the 'Carrot Cake' is far more delicious. :P

So where can you give the 'Carrot Cake' a try?
The name of this stall would be 'Fried Kuay Teaw Mee'(炒粿條麵).
It's located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre', which is located near
'Harbourfront' MRT Station and opposite 'Vivo City'.

  • Opening Hours:
    7am - 9:30pm (Daily)
* Click here for the map of 'Seah Im Food Centre' on Google Maps.
^ Click here for the list of delicacies that is located inside 'Seah Im Food Centre'.

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