Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More Yam dessert please...

It seems that after giving the dish 'Stir-fried Yam' from 'Pu Tien' a try, I suddenly have a great interest in food that comes with lots of 'Yam'. And on top of that, I haven't been exploring the areas around my current workplace for a very long time, therefore...

'Bo Bo Cha Cha'(摩摩查查)
I have been monitoring my sugar level every now and then. Therefore, I have been
minimizing the number of bowls of desserts that I can go for each week. And whenever
I come across places that serve desserts like 'Power Chendol', that would further
reduce the number of bowls of desserts that I can go for that particular week.

Therefore when it comes to dessert, some of my favourites would be stuff like
'Chendol', 'Ice Kacang', 'Honeydew Sago', 'Red bean soup', etc... and the list
can go on and on. In fact, there was a period of time where I was madly in love
with 'Bo Bo Cha Cha'. So what's so special about 'Bo Bo Cha Cha'.

'Bo Bo Cha Cha' is basically a bowl of dessert that comes with a bowl of coconut
milk and it will include ingredients like 'Yam', multi-coloured 'Tapioca flour jelly'
and 'Sweet Potato'. Depending on the dessert stall owner, he might include ingredients
like 'Sago', 'Beans', etc... It's one of the desserts that can be served in warm/cold.

So what's so special about the 'Bo Bo Cha Cha' over here?
The price for this dessert is pretty reasonable. On top of that, the taste of the
'Yam' are so strong that even by taking a small sip of the 'soup', I can actually
taste the 'Yam' and the sweetness of the coconut milk. Best of all, once you
started putting a cube or two into your mouth, you can actually feel the taste of
the 'Yam' and the 'Sweet Potato' bursting inside your mouth, which is pretty nice.
(By the way, because of the amount of coconut milk that was added into this dessert,
therefore I would strongly advise you not to have it too often. :P)

So where can you give this dessert a try?
The name of this stall would be '金燕Dessert'.
It's located inside 'Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre'.

  • Opening Hours:
    I'm not really too sure myself. However, this stall seems to be opened during lunch hours on weekdays.
* Click here for the location of 'Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre' on 'Google Maps'.

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