Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Victor HK Dim Sum

Since I haven't been eating and tasting 'Dim Sum' for a very very long period of time, therefore I decided to do a bit of snacking with my friend, since we are meeting up for dinner. :P

Left: 'Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce'(XO醬乾貝臘味蒸蘿蔔糕)
Right: 'Yummy Yummy Phoenix Claws'(香辣惹味鳳爪)
The look of the 'Carrot Cake' reminds me of the 'Wan Kueh'(碗糕) from 'Bukit Merah
Central' that I have been eating when I was a small little kid. Since it has been
covered with a layer of 'XO sauce' , therefore the taste of it is a bit salty and
the texture of it is pretty soft.

As for the 'Phoenix Claws', although I'm not a big fan of the 'Phoenix Claws', but
I think that the taste of it is relatively normal and it's not spicy enough.
(Part of the Chinese name of this dish has the word 'spicy'(辣) in it, but I think
that it's not even close to spicy.)

'Victor's King Prawn Dumpling'(超級蝦餃王)
Although the size of the prawns inside the dumplings were pretty big, so big that
the dumplings were reflecting a orange/beige colour, but the overall taste of the
dumplings isn't fantastic enough. Somehow I think that the skin of the dumplings
were too thick and it will taste even much more better if it's much more thinner.

'Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai'(美味蟹王燒賣)
I think that this is one of the better 'Dim Sum' over here. Although it's not
really much more bigger than any other 'Siew Mai' out there, but it's pretty
meaty and delicious. (I guess the word 'meaty' has explains everything. :P)

'Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun'(黃金流沙包)
This is one of the signature dish of this place and at the same time, one of my
favourite dish over here. From the photos that I have taken, it might look pretty
much the same as a normal custard bun, but there are lots of differences between
the both of them. The yellowish looking 'Lava' inside the bun was a mixture of
custard and salted egg yolk. Although the size of the buns are pretty small, but
once you took a bite off one of the buns, the lava will drip onto your tongue and
into your mouth and you can easily identify the taste of the 2 main ingredients.
Basically, I have three words to describe the taste of the buns and that would be
'Sweet', 'Salty' and 'Sinful'.

So where can you give all these 'Dim Sum' a try?
The name of this cafeteria would be 'Victor's Kitchen'.
It's located inside 'Sunshine Plaza', which is located near 'Bugis Junction'.

  • Opening Hours:
    10:30am till all the 'Dim Sum' has been sold out
    (Which is most likely to be before 5pm)
    (Opened on Tuesdays to Sundays)

* Click here for the location of 'Sunshine Plaza'.

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